9 Great Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Menu To Impress Guests


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9 Great Ways To Personalise Your Wedding Menu To Impress Guests

Couples are now finding new, unique and never-done-before ways to personalise their weddings. Infusing wedding with creative touches of professional planners and a willing attitude to do things differently, there are plenty of ways to customise your wedding.

And now, let us just not think of the decor or invitation, there is so much that can be done to the wedding menu as well. After all, everyone looks forward to satiating their growling tummies too. You definitely want your food to be as memorable as your vows. So, instead of serving a standard buffet, use the food to showcase your culinary style as a couple.

Here are some awesome tips to personalise your wedding menu.

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#1. Your favourite caterers

How about hiring your favourite restaurant to cater the reception? If you are a regular at a local restaurant, then find out if they do wedding catering. And these days who doesn’t, right! Tell them to add your favourite dishes in the menu. 

#2. Re-create your first date menu

Did you and your partner share sushi on your first date? Well, why not recreate that and make your menu more personal by telling the story behind it with a card placed on the serving tray. Ask your caterer to turn the dish into something totally wedding worthy.

#3. One for your background

Pay tribute to your heritage with an updated version of a traditional dish. It could be that lentil recipe passed down by your grandma to your mother. Ask the caterer to tweak the dish in a way that it reminds your guest of your background, but still feels familiar to them.

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#4. Pour some of your signature drink

wedding food

Instead of an open bar, have one that offers a range of signature drinks, maybe something that you shared on your first date like a margarita or how about that sangria pitcher that you share with your best buddies. You can have huge dispensers placed all over the venue.

#5. Display the menu

Let the guest know what is on offer and what to expect. You may even choose to exhibit your knowledge about the cuisine you are about to serve them. You may further personalise it by displaying it creatively on a blackboard or light board. You may even decide on a memorable name for each dish.

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#6. Surprise your guests with a late night snack

All the dancing and drinking will make them hungry. Surprise them with late night snacks or even better, have a pop arty food truck honk away, just when the party has finished.

#7. Award winning wedding cake

Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, why not ask your guests to take part in a 'Cakey Bakey'! Each guest can bring any type of cake; the more extravagant the better, and the bride and the groom will judge the cakes on their D-day. They can then hand out awards during the speeches, and have different categories. The winning cake can then be used as their cutting cake!

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#8. Destination wedding

If you are having a destination wedding, then how about introducing your guests to the local palette. Ask the caterer to use regional ingredients and to do up a menu which is an absolute legendary array of flavours available locally. This way, your guests will have a tongue tickling experience that will be long-remembered.

#9. Favour full of flavours

Picture this, your guests taking home a miniature jar of your favourite homemade preserve as a wedding favour with personalised tags. To that add a dash of creativity, insert a small slip of recipe. Voila, your guests are never going to forget this one for sure!

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So, keep these tips in mind and let your imagination fly. Surely, you may take help of your wedding planner along with the caterer, who will bring method to all your creativity and come up with some newer and fresher ideas to make your wedding menu distinguishing and exciting. Good luck! 

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