7 Gorgeous Types Of Necklaces Every Bride Must Have In Her Collection


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7 Gorgeous Types Of Necklaces Every Bride Must Have In Her Collection

There is no end to one’s imagination, when it is about varieties of bridal jewellery. Thus, it often becomes a confusing task to select a specific one that would suit the bride. Among the various pieces of ornaments, a necklace occupies the centre place and it can change the entire look of the bride and her bridal outfit. It goes without saying, a bride-to-be must be aware of the types of necklaces, so that she can choose the right ones for different functions of her wedding ceremony. Around the necklace, she can match and decide other trinkets and complete her look. Here are a few types of necklaces a bride-to-be needs to be aware of.

#1. Bib Necklace

Gorgeous Types Of Necklaces That Indian Brides-To-Be Must Be Aware Of

Image Courtesy: Indian International Jewellery Week (Left), Chopard (Right)

It derives its name from the appearance of a baby’s bib, which is worn around the neck while feeding food. It can be designed by using numerous gems, precious stones or pearls. It can be your pick for your pre- or post-wedding cocktail party ensemble, especially if it is an off-shoulder gown or dress. If not, the neckline as well as the fabric should be a simple one to display the design of the necklace prominently. One must try to keep other jewellery as subtle as possible while donning a bib necklace.

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#2. Choker

Gorgeous Types Of Necklaces That Indian Brides-To-Be Must Be Aware Of

Image Courtesy: Sunita Kapoor Collection (Left), Pinterest (Right)

Ideally measuring between 14’’ to 16’’ in length, this close-fitting neckpiece settles high on the neck and circles around the throat. It can either be one band, which sits around the neck or several layers of gems beads or pearl drops looped from it. It goes well with deep or low-cut neckline or strapless or off-shoulder attire. From bridal saree, lehenga to cocktail dresses, it complements almost every kind of attire, except formal ones. For a traditional Indian style choker, try gulbandh, which is a pearl choker usually with tiny pearls in three to seven parallel strings attached with filigree kundan gold plates. Another variant can be chintaak or jadavi laccha from Nizams of Hyderabad, which is made of seven layers of gold sheets with pearls on the top and ruby or emerald drops at the bottom part. At times, kundan polka pieces are used in place of gold sheets.

#3. Rani Haar

Image Courtesy: Ghanasingh Couture (Left), Indian International Jewellery Week (Right)

As the name suggests this necklace, gives a regal look and has been a favourite among the royalty. Mostly crafted with profuse use of kundan and many other precious and semiprecious gemstones like emeralds and uncut diamonds, this bold trinket can work as a standalone piece. At times, a rani haar also displays elaborate work of minakari or enamel.

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#4. Satlada

Gorgeous Types Of Necklaces That Indian Brides-To-Be Must Be Aware Of

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Mukherjee (Left), Moni Agarwal (Right)

It is a majestic neckpiece with seven tiers or layers of pearls or gems, woven or attached with elaborate filigree work on gold. A satlada is believed to be a speciality of the Nizams of Hyderabad. It is considered to be very auspicious as it represents number ‘seven’. It covers the whole front from neck to navel in seven layers. It is the Indian variant of what is popularly known as the double stranded pearl or diamond opera necklace, which measures 30’’ in to 35’’ in length.

#5. Addigai

Gorgeous Types Of Necklaces That Indian Brides-To-Be Must Be Aware Of

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It is a kind of closed-style necklace in gold. The floral motifs and other designs often are studded with emeralds, rubies and uncut diamonds.

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#6. Mango Haram

Gorgeous Types Of Necklaces That Indian Brides-To-Be Must Be Aware Of

Image Courtesy: South India Jewels (Left)

A traditional necklace from the South Indian region, this one has a grand appeal. The beauty of this neckpiece is the artistic mango motifs, which form the outer line of the necklace. Usually the length varies from short, medium to long. While the short one can be worn as a stand-alone piece, the other two are often paired with a shorter necklace. Made in pure gold, 'Mango haram' is studded with diamonds, rubies, emeralds; and the pendant usually has pearl or precious stones drops. If you are wearing a Kanjeevaram saree, this piece is certainly a must-have.

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#7. Lariat

Image Courtesy: @mirandakerr via Instagram (Left)

It is a versatile piece as it can be worn in different ways. It is a longer version of Sautoir or rope necklace. The ends usually do not contain clasps, but may have a loop on either or both ends. Known for its sleek look, you can pair it with your cocktail dress for your pre-wedding bash. Look for the one with a diamond-studded loop, to get that posh appeal.

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We have given you an idea of what kind of necklaces you can choose for your bridal look. However, select the one, which suits you based on the shape and length of your face and neck. While a necklace with small locket and subtle work would be ideal for someone with a small frame, a chunky neckpiece with a bold pendant would suit a tall woman. Similarly, for a deep or square neckline, choker is best and a V-shaped long necklace that stretches beyond bust line gives an impression of a taller frame. So, ladies choose accordingly and look fabulous on your wedding!

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