Gifts For The Tech Savvy Fiance


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Gifts For The Tech Savvy Fiance

Normally, I am not the type of person who makes generalizations, but in this case I think I will make an exception: Women love shopping. So most women eagerly look forward to shopping for their wedding. However, one part of the shopping process can be a pain: how to find a gift for your fiancé. The gift has to be personal, meaningful and something that will symbolize your relationship – so no need to get stressed about it. That last part was sarcasm, by the way.

But if he is into technology, then you are in luck. Finding the perfect present for a tech savvy fiancé doesn't have to be difficult. It is a guaranteed way to make a technophile happy. Zone in on your fiancé's main interest, whether it be music gadgets, computer related items or things like watches or cameras with lots of features, and pick a present from that category. But this quick gift guide will help you find the perfect present to make him feel truly appreciated.

Does he love sports?

There are plenty of gadgets out there that help sports freaks to perfect their game.

Does he golf? Then he will love the Senso Glove Digital Golf Glove. Its built in sensors helps him to perfect his grip by monitoring grip pressure. By practicing with this glove, he will get the correct grip pressure for a smooth swing. That means his drives will achieve greater distance and precision, leading to better score. Plus, the digital computer than configures the glove is pretty lightweight and detachable, so he can use it anytime or anywhere that he wants to.

Does he play tennis? Then he will love the Sanyo Teno Grip wristband. Similar to the Senso Glove Digital Golf Glove, this wristband has a high tech computer that monitors your backhands and forehands to help to maximize your game.

Does he love to game?

If he is into gaming (computer gaming, that is) to blow off steam at the end of a long day, consider getting him a new game or two for his system. Or get him the latest xBox 360 or Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation 3, if your budget stretches that far. The Kinect controller for xBox or the Move for Playstation is bound to get hardcore gamers excited. Plus, most gaming consoles today can double as DVD/ Blu Ray players.

Does he love music?

Then get him an iPhone. But what if he hates the idea of shelling out big bucks every time he wants to download a song via iTunes? Simple – go for a Nokia mobile phone instead. The latest Nokia smart phone comes with an unlimited subscription to the Ovi Music Store, Nokia’s version of iTunes. Plus, Nokia wins out over the iPhone in other aspects too – since your fiancé most likely owns a Windows PC or laptop, it will be easier to sync it to a Nokia smart phone since Nokia has recently shifted to the Windows Mobile platform.

Do you think that I’ve left out any high tech gadgets


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