7 Footwear Styles All Grooms Can Rock At Their Wedding Ceremonies


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7 Footwear Styles All Grooms Can Rock At Their Wedding Ceremonies

If you think that only women are concerned and confused about footwear, then you are wrong. Men too think a lot before choosing footwear. For grooms, to find the right pair of footwear that goes with their choice of attire becomes a little difficult.

So to help, here we have a list of different styles of footwear that grooms can wear on their big day.

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#1. Kolhapuris

Kolhapuris are open-toed sandals, originally from Maharashtra. They are primarily made of leather and also have beautiful thread-work and other embroidery designs on them. The soles of Kolhapuris are quite sturdy. They are easy on the feet, which makes them one of the best choices for long wear. They are available only in shades of tan. The work on them, however, comes in many shades and are ideal for a relaxed time during your wedding ceremonies.

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#2. Loafers

Image Courtesy: GQ (left)

Loafers are gaining popularity among men in general, so why not wear them on the wedding day. The best thing about loafers is that they come in various colours and materials, making it easier for the grooms to match them with their wedding outfits. From grey to red, from suede to leather, they are available in many styles.

#3. Derby Shoes

Image Courtesy: Lookastic

Derby shoes are lace-up shoes that are extremely classy and chic. They are similar to oxford shoes. For all the GQ-aspiring grooms, this is the most suitable option. Style oozes out of these from every corner. With a tailor-made suit and Derby shoes, no groom can ever go wrong.

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#4. Monkey Strap Shoes

Image Courtesy: Just Norman

Monkey strap shoes are very in this wedding season. From the groom to the groomsmen, you can easily spot these in the crowd. They stand out because of their unique straps. They are comfortable and can be worn with classic suits as well as Indo-westerns.

#5. Jodhpuri Jutti

Image Courtesy: Manish Malhotra Collection (left), Pinterest (right)

Jodhpuri juttis look very royal and elegant. They have sharp cuts, which give them an edgy look. From rough tans to royal golds and blues, they come in many colours and designs. They look great with bandhgalas and Nehru jackets. They perfectly complement every Indo-western outfit.

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#6. Punjabi Mojari

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Punjabi mojaris are a little like Jodhpuri juttis, but unlike those, they are curvy. They have soft curves that make them a great team partner for the sherwanis. They are very traditional, so the grooms who prefer traditional attire should go for these.

#7. Sandals

Image Courtesy: Norhill Fashions (left)

Dhotis are a choice of many grooms. They can be worn with kurtas, bandhgalas and jackets. Their versatility is the reason men opt for them. The only thing that stops many from buying these versatile pants is the choice of footwear. Well, not anymore. Dhotis look exceptionally smart when sandals are worn with them. Leather sandals are a great accompaniment for dhotis.

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Now that you are well aware of the trending footwear, finding the perfect match will not be difficult anymore. Apart from style just make sure that the pair is comfortable, and you are good to go. Give your bride some competition by flaunting your stylish footwear!