Food Menus For Indian Wedding

Food Menus For Indian Wedding

Like weddings, Indians love to be extravagant with their taste buds too. Hence, in weddings you can see an assortment of food items of every type and taste. But often deciding on a particular menu becomes a big deal. Here’s a list of some of the Indian wedding menus for you to know and lock on.

India is a land of vivid culture and their exemplary dishes. So pertaining to the culture you belong you can keep an elaborate menu that suits every taste bud.

Gujarati wedding menus

Gujarati weddings will have dal batti in their menu for sure because that represents their culture and traditions. Being vegetarians, Gujarati wedding menus can be called as simple and tasty.

Punjabi Wedding menus

Contrary to Gujarati food style, Punjabis are known for their extravagant appetite and also food. Punjabi foods are well renowned because of its spicy and extremely alluring taste. The wedding menu undoubtedly is stuffed with every possible Punjabi dishes you can fathom. Every Punjabi wedding is a treat as it satiates everyone who has the appetite for it.

Bengali wedding menus

Bengalis don’t believe in doing things differently because they know their invitees won’t enjoy anything other than the regular varieties. Their main course will have a lentil dish exotically prepared, fried brinjals to go with the dal, a mixed veg dish made of rice and other vegetables, a paneer dish for vegetarians, variety of dishes of fish to choose from and some mutton or chicken items.

South Indian weddings

Being extremely god fearing, South Indian weddings mostly take place in temples and even have the requisite provisions for food in the temple itself. So their wedding menus are subtle and are often the same ones that they regularly eat. They believe in eating in banana leaf and during weddings too they make no exception. Generally their menu have rice, lentil dish, a mixed veg, vada, sambar, chatni and others, all made in pure ghee.

Other cultural wedding menus

Like the cultures above, there are other wedding menus like Marathi wedding menus, Rajasthani wedding menus, etc. All of them are very similar to each other with a few quintessential elements added to it.

Foreign menus

Chinese and continental menus have started to grip Indians now. More than the people in China, Indians freak out on Chinese dishes. Mostly because, everything imported from outside is first smeared with Indian spices and is then served to us. So a blend of Indian and abroad cuisines make for an interesting find for we Indians. A typical indo-western cuisine list will have fish fries, French fries, smoked salmon marinated with Indian spices, and others as starters. The main course is segregated into Indian food and Chinese, Mexican or Italian items. Deserts again form a combination of western and Indian sweets. Whatever the menu you choose, trust us every Indian wedding menu promises its consumers a treat and life satisfying experience!

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