Flaunt Your Curves Vidya Balan Style


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Flaunt Your Curves Vidya Balan Style

If Madhuri Dixit created sensation with her suggestive dance numbers such as Dhak-Dhak and Choli ke Peeche, Vidya Balan took the heat several notches higher with her explicit ‘ooh la la’ moves and thrusts. Now, here is one female who doesn’t believe in conforming to the ‘Barbie Brigade’ and knows how to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Vidya Balan is the current role model for all the Indian women who are tired of trying to lose dramatic amount of weight. Her curvaceous saree clad avatar has redefined sexuality on the silver screen and proved to the world that the Indian woman is sexy in her own way.

Vidya Balan’s Saree Style

She is bold and beautiful, just like our new age brides who create their own fashion statement with their wedding attire. The sarees of Vidya are designed by ace couturier Sabyasachi Mukherjee who experiments with colors, fabrics, borders and the draping style. Sarees accentuate the right curves and hide the flab in wrong places.

Vidya’s signature style is falling pallu with nearly-backless blouse.  Her sarees in solid colors with broad borders are very dashing. The minimal use of accessories She keeps experimenting here and there but the overall look is intact. And after Dirty Picture, you cannot call it boring, not anymore.

Pragmatic Change in Mentality

The way celebrities, socialites and other India women have come to Aishwarya Rai's support is exemplary. They stood up for her and slammed the media for taking a shot at Ash's post-natal weight gain. Kareena Kapoor’s three movies failed back to back. Vidya is being hailed as the Halley Berry of Bollywood with consistent performance and box-office blockbusters.

Is it an indicator that finally the mad rush to get to size zero is coming to an end? Does this mean the Indian media will stop obsessing over the slim celebrity figures and instead focus on being fit as a mark of being healthy?

The times are changing. The trend to fit into a skimpy bikini is taking a back seat. The onus is on being real; feeling gorgeous in your own skin. This is not to say that people stop following a fitness regime and start developing thunder thighs, pot-bellies, double chins and love handles. That’s a big NO. Fitness is still the mantra for leading a quality life, free of health problems. It’s the crazy race to get a Barbie-figure that’s about to end, hopefully.



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