Fire Facial: Craziest And Hottest Trend In The Beauty Industry Right Now


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Fire Facial: Craziest And Hottest Trend In The Beauty Industry Right Now

Girls! When it comes to turning back the clock, you have gone as far as bird’s poo facials and inside-the-mouth massages. But there is something hotter your way this time that crosses all lines- the high-tech ‘Fire facial’ aka Huo Liao. Shocking and weird as it might sound, but the idea that had originated in China, is of late gaining a fan-following everywhere.

It’s the flaming massage that is the talk of the town, which gives you a more youthful appearance and a healthier physique. We had heard about the bizarre and daring massage being tried by actress Nidhi Subbaiah earlier this year (2016) at Krabi Island in Thailand.

Here’s a low down on this strange but exciting beauty regimen and the actress’ viva voce too on the same.

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Nidhi Subbaiah’s word-of-mouth


ImageCourtesy: Facebook/Nidhi Subbaiah

After the courageous indulgence, here’s what she revealed in an interview to an online news portal:

“The therapist performed a regular facial and for the final touch, covered my face with a cloth that was soaked in some kind of an alcoholic concoction. She lit it, and just before the flames could touch my skin, the cloth was removed.”

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The procedure

Image Courtesy: OddityCentral

It’s not just the face; the method works for just any part of the body, i.e., face, back, legs, thighs, stomach, neck, etc. The scary procedure involves soaking a towel with a secret and special ‘elixir’ and alcohol. The towel is then positioned carefully on the person's problem area and set on fire for a few seconds and soon after, it is snuffed off by another piece of cloth. No wonder, it is an intense and complex technique that acts on your skin in a different way.

Why the fire?

Image Courtesy: Yahoo

As far as explanation goes, what makes this facial different is the technique of using extreme heat that sets off an adrenaline response and works miraculously on our body's chemistry. Reportedly and seemingly, the role of alcohol is of a starter fluid to get the fire started. On the other hand, fire here is to activate the elements contained in the ‘elixir’ to give the desired results.

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The benefits

It helps smoothening out wrinkles, stimulating cell regeneration, addressing dullness and promoting contoured and plumped-up skin. And apart from being used for beauty purposes, the live flame treatment promises other cures as well. Obesity, sagging of skin, metabolism, indigestion or a common cold- fire therapy is miraculous just for anything.


Image Courtesy: Light Health Centre

It doesn’t burn the skin or else, it would defeat the purpose entirely. But it does involve extra care and measures unlike a normal facial. Performed by high-trained professionals and therapists, it’s safe. Attendants and therapists perform a mini-test to check the limit of the fire an individual face can tolerate. However, many of the doctor’s and beauticians call it dangerous and warn customers not to be game for it.

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The side effects

As the name suggests, it’s a burning beauty method which might cause blisters and scars on the face. One might also suffer from high pigmentation. Also, there are chances of hair catching fire which can be very dangerous.

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The saying that ‘the beauty is pain’ has never been so true before. Isn’t it? So, would you set your face ablaze or look for a safer alternative for the upliftment and enlightenment of your face? Do let us know if the scary fire plunge is for you or not? We would love to hear your views and ideas on this contemporary beautifying method that still makes people wary of it.