Nostalgic Moments That Make A Bride Cry On The Happiest Day Of Her Life


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Nostalgic Moments That Make A Bride Cry On The Happiest Day Of Her Life

The happiest day in a girl's life is when she becomes a bride and marries the man of her dreams in the blissful presence of her family, friends and relatives. But, vidaai comes as a paradox when the bride cries on her most awaited day.

Every girl knows that she has to leave her family behind one day and embrace the family of her husband. But when the moment actually comes when she is literally leaving behind her family, a bride gets overwhelmed with emotions. There are a number of emotions and feelings that a bride goes through during her vidaai. Here is a glimpse of all those nostalgic moments that make a bride cry on the happiest day of her life.

#1. The pampering of mother

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Till the day she gets married, her mother is the backbone of her life. She could rely on her for each and everything. She knows that her mother would be by her side whenever she got unwell, or when she could not get good marks in the exam. How can she stay away from her ever-understanding mom who never asked to be understood by her in return? Now, as she leaves her mother's side and herself take those responsibilities in her new family, she is not sure who will pamper her in the same way in her new family?

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#2. The unconditional love of father

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Till yesterday, she was daddy’s little girl and now suddenly, she is grown up to take responsibility of a new family. Her father went on to any extent to bring a smile on her face. She knew that he left no stone unturned to fulfil her wishes and give the best to his daughter. The one, who taught her to walk and also to be independent in life, is now letting her go away from him. She is sceptical, if anyone would ever share that special place in her heart where her father lives?

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#3. The love-hate relationship with siblings

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She surely had never-ending fights with her brother/sister over the slightest of reasons. But her siblings acted more like a best friend whenever she needed them. Those bickers might have been annoying back then, but now they are the priceless moments to cherish for life. How can she forget growing up together, sharing same toys, clothes, chocolates, and literally sharing her life with them? Now as she leaves them behind, that feeling of parting from a best friend fills her eyes with tears.

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#4. The house where she grew up

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She has her special stories at every nook and corner of the house. How can she ever forget the place where she grew up? This is the place where she spent almost a quarter of her life, and now she will come here as a visitor. Her room, which she decorated with great passion, or her favourite chair on the dining table where she always sat for her dinner- she will miss all those little things of her house. The memories of the place that she called her home might soon fade out. And, she will call another home as her own. Why can’t she live in the same house forever? 

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They say that a bride’s vidaai can bring tears even to the most stoic person. And why not? After all, she is leaving a part of herself behind to start a new chapter in her life. Let us wish every bride gets so much love in her new home that she never misses the old one.

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