11 Unheard And Remarkable Fashion Fixes For All Grooms-To-Be


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11 Unheard And Remarkable Fashion Fixes For All Grooms-To-Be

Men today are as fashion conscious and worried about how they look as women are. They might not openly brag about it, but grooming and fashion play an important role in their lives. But many a times, they face situations where they need solutions to tackle last minute or out of the blue fashion glitches.

So, for many such fashion issues, we get you awesome fashion fixes that come in handy for men anytime, anywhere. Here you go!

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#1. Greasy hair but no time to wash

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A sweaty day at work or a late night gym session might leave your hair all moist and greasy. Adding to that, when you don't have time to wash your hair, what to do? Here is an idea. Just sprinkle some powder on your hair and dust it off properly, and you are all good to go.

#2. Sweating that you cannot control

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Thanks to the hot and humid weather, sweating is an inevitable phenomenon. Also, some people sweat excessively on face. For that, use baby wet wipes which are gentle on the face and have a fragrance to it too. You could also use your partner’s compact powder as it tends to absorb sweat from the face, while keeping it fresh and dry.

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#3. A stuck jeans zipper

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There can be nothing more embarrassing than an open zipper of your jeans or trouser. But what can you do when the zip gets stuck and absolutely refuses to go up? Simple, get hold of a pencil nib and rub it nicely on the zip. You could also rub a little candle wax or soap on the zipper to loosen it and the zip will slide easily right back.

#4. Wet shoes you desperately need to use

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Unpredicted rains got your shoes all wet and you have no other formal shoes to wear in the morning? Well, don’t you worry! Just use old newspaper to absorb all the dampness of your shoes. You could also use old and stale bread slices to do the same.

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#5. Shaving cream crisis

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You need to be at some very important board meeting in an hour, you are out of shaving cream and you don’t want to go to office looking like an ape man. Well, what you didn’t know up till now is that other products sitting on your washroom slab could be of use too. Yes, hair conditioners, shampoos and baby oils are great substitutes for shaving cream.

#6. An out of the blue shoe bite

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New, lose or extra tight shoes can give you shoe bites. Even if they are your favourite pair, they can do that to you! But jokes apart, there is a great way to tackle those unwanted shoe bites. All you need to do is flex your feet and use a dryer on full to blow the shoes. This will expand the shoes and take the actual shape of your feet. You could also use a band aid or apply some powder on the affected area.

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#7. Making your short-term scents last long

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Deodorants and some perfumes do not tend to be as long lasting as they claim to be. So, in order to smell good always, you need to do two things. Firstly, always apply a good perfumed body moisturiser right after you take a shower. Secondly, apply the perfume directly on skin rather than applying it on your clothes.

#8. Unwanted white hair

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Unwanted grey hair can be a real confidence breaker. But something as disappointing as this can be covered or camouflaged in seconds. Without plucking your white hair off or using harsh chemical dyes on your hair, just borrow your girlfriend or wife’s kohl stick or mascara and apply it on your grey hair. You could also take help from used tea bags, squeeze them and get their colour on your hair.

#9. Facial skin looking hungover

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Applying something cold on your tired skin can make it look radiant and fresh. So, if you have had a great boy’s night out and your face looks badly hungover and puffy, don’t worry here is the rescue. Apply an ice pack on your face and tea bags on the eyes for the best results in no time.

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#10. A putrid damp smell from your clothes

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This could be because of the damp rainy season where clothes don’t dry that well. Sometimes, this damp smell doesn’t go from the clothes even after several washes. In such a situation just add Vinegar to hot water and run a washing load. You could also use fragrant fabric softeners to help the smell disappear.

#11. Sticky and itchy feeling down there

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Tight underpants, tight-fitted jeans, hot and humid weather can cause severe itching, a peculiar smell and in severe cases, skin infections around the private parts. Thus, to keep yourself and your partner safe from any infections, apply an anti-fungal powder or a mild baby powder over the area before you put on your underwear.

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Simple techniques can save you from the biggest of problems that occur suddenly and leave you in a fix. So, the next time you face any of the above issues, you know all the fixes. And, if you have solutions to some more fashion problems, feel free to share them in the comments section below!