Expert Talk: 12 Things About A Wedding Budget That Only A Professional Planner Will Tell You


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Expert Talk: 12 Things About A Wedding Budget That Only A Professional Planner Will Tell You

A day full of love and happiness celebrated with friends and family members- this is what a wedding day is all about! And, to make this day the most beautiful time of a couple’s life, a lot of planning as well as the financial backing is needed. But, no matter how much advance planning a couple does, there are always some small or big costs that increase their budget by manifold.

Well, if you too are about to take the wedding vows soon, then we have something really important for you. Take a look at these clever tips to tackle some of your biggest costs.

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#1. Prioritise your needs

First things first, prioritise what you and your partner really want, and what is more important to both of you. Are you both foodies? Then splurge on the catering. Or, are you more concerned about flaunting your style sense? Then clothing and décor are the major spending points for you. Just identify what is important for you, and cut cost on the things you do not mind too much about.

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#2. Prepare a breakup of your budget

This important formula is what we always suggest to our couples– allot a fixed percentage to each expense. For example, 50 per cent for reception party, 10 per cent for outfits and jewellery, 10 per cent for décor, 10 per cent for entertainment, 2 per cent for invites, 2 per cent for gifts and 10 per cent for the wedding planner. At the same time, just keep in mind to leave some room in your wallet for contingencies.

#3. Prepare your guest list wisely

Not a politically fun thing to do! But, if you are serious about saving, you might want to cut down on the head count. You can always invite others for a small get-together or after-party if you really want to include them. Remember, reception (venue, food and drinks) alone will take almost 50 per cent off from your total wedding budget.

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#4. Act smart while choosing the wedding destination

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Getting married in a big city is definitely going to make your wallet leaner. As prices are usually higher in the big cities, you could find something along the outskirts of the city. This would cut on your venue cost considerably.

#5. Research well before finalising the venue

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Once you know about your guest count, destination, and the wedding date, do not make any delay in finalising the wedding venue. You can ask your wedding planner to find you a venue or provide you with some options. Also, settling down on one venue for all the functions would be more economical rather having separate venues for different functions. This will give you an advantage while negotiating with the venue managers too.

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#6. Save on the wedding stationery

If you are serious about cutting costs, then you need not have a separate invite for each function. Have an ‘all inclusive’ card that has details of all your wedding functions. An even better option is to ask for the help from your wedding planner’s creative team. They can create email invitations that will also cut cost on couriers and delivery time. Many planners even take up the task of emailing the e-invites to all your guests. That leaves you with even more time and a happier wallet.

#7. Keep your décor minimalistic but chic

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Ask your planner to design your wedding stage and centrepieces as per your budget. Instead of opting for some lavish decorative pieces, you can play around with some simple yet innovative ideas. For example, you can have some lanterns, bottles, vases, bowls, etc., to enhance the beauty of your wedding venue. Also, try using just one type of flower or the seasonal ones when it comes to floral decoration.

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#8. Do not get carried away with the little extras

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Before you actually approve any such appealing idea, just think if it will actually make a big difference in your wedding. Ask yourself questions like ‘do I really need a guest book or a dessert bar or any other thing like that?’ Most of the times, it is only you and your partner who will notice these little extras. So, you can easily cut out the cost of all those little extras from your list to save on your wedding budget.

#9. Style up yourself on a budget

This is probably the most difficult of them all. You obviously want to look your best and there is no compromising on this one. But trust us; you can really save a lot if you could opt for something really extraordinary without a brand label on it. If you have really liked something expensive, consider having it stitched rather than shelling out extra money on designer clothing. Apart from this, there are a few wedding planners as well, who help the bride to choose her outfits wisely and smartly.

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#10. Negotiate with the vendors

While on a lookout for the wedding vendors for various services, asking your wedding planner for acquaintances will definitely help. Also, keep in mind to negotiate smartly. A vendor is always ready to negotiate as long as you are ready to give them some additional work. For example, a photographer will agree to do an extra hour of shoot free of cost or at a minimal cost if you hire him for the engagement function as well.

#11. Cut down on the entertainment cost

This is probably the most fun part of the weddings, as it breaks the ice for both the families and lightens the atmosphere too. However, when it comes to picking the right thing for the entertainment of your guests, musicians are always more expensive than a DJ. In fact, a lot of couples prefer DJ because of the large variety of songs they can play. And, if you have a talented friend or family member who can put up a great show and add the excitement of a live performance, then relying on them to entertain your guests is also not a bad idea!

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#12. Mind your alcohol bar

If you intend to serve alcohol at your wedding, it is always better to choose a venue that would allow you to bring in your own liquor. Checking this aspect gets all the more important if you are having the wedding in a hotel, as most of them serve alcohol at a very high cost. So, make sure that you take care of this factor as well.

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Ultimately, think value not cost. It is important not to scrimp on every single thing, but to make savings in areas that are not that important to you. So, follow these tips and get set to turn your dream wedding into a reality without hurting your pocket!

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