Expert Advice: First 10 Wedding Planning Related Things Couples Must Do Right After Getting Engaged


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Expert Advice:  First 10 Wedding Planning Related Things Couples Must Do Right After Getting Engaged

As soon as a couple gets engaged, they get filled with a blissful feeling of happiness. And, right after that, comes the time to plan everything for the wedding. But, as exciting as it may seem, it is an equally difficult thing to do. It involves too many fine detailing, family drama and endless stress.

Well, scary it may sound, but it is true. Converting your dream wedding into a reality can be strenuous and puzzling. And, if you want to avoid this stressful experience, then here are is a list of first 10 things that you must do right after getting engaged.

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#1. Decide on the guest list

Make your guest list as soon as you decide to take the plunge into matrimony. Once you are done with it, you will know how long your guest list is going to be. Just in case you need to cut down on the number, you could begin from the bottom until you reach the ideal number. This will even impact your choice of venue, and would allow you to take a decision on that as well quite easily.

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#2. Draw up a budget

This is what we always suggest to our couples– allot a fixed percentage to each expense. For example, 50 per cent for reception, 10 per cent for decor, 10 per cent for attire, 10 per cent for entertainment, 2 per cent for invites, 2 per cent for gifts, and 10 per cent for wedding coordinator. And, remember to leave some room in your wallet for contingencies.

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#3. Fix on a date

After you have decided on a date, the real fun begins. Check on the availability of the venue of your choice. Also, check with your close friends and family members, especially if anyone is travelling from a different city or continent. Once finalised, you can then work backward from the chosen date to determine what needs to be done when.

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#4. Hire a wedding planner and just monitor

Hiring a planner will lessen your work to the last fraction. Always work with a planner who has understood and soaked in your dream. You both need to be on the same page throughout. Let them exhibit their creativity and give a theme to your wedding. From invites to your stage and everything else, everything should be consistent with the theme. This way, you and your guests will be able to take lots of memories of the wedding with them.

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#5. Research potential venue options

Befitting your wedding theme, budget and space requirement, you could ask your wedding planner to do a recce of the venue to get a feel of the place. Since they will do a lot of your errands, you just have to monitor them. You just have to keep in mind the theme of the wedding, and then decide on the place and venue. If it is a hotel, find out if they will let you bring in your vendors, since some of them work only with registered vendors.

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#6. Design and distribute the invites

Again, once you have a theme, the invite would be a kaleidoscope of your wedding. Ask your planner to come up with some ‘never done before’ ideas and styles for the invites. You can check if they do provide the option of delivering your invites as well. A lot of planners hand deliver or courier it on behalf of their clients. This will save you a lot of hassle too.

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#7. Screen all other wedding services and vendors

A wedding planner has insights and acquaintances with almost all the vendors you may require. Be it photographers, makeup artists, caterers, or anyone else, they can provide you with a lot of options to choose from. Hence, taking their suggestion will definitely help. You could hire different vendors for different functions if one is too expensive. Maybe you could use the best one for a more important function like the reception, and use a slightly cheaper but good one for your mehendi or sangeet function.

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#8. Finalise on the entertainment factor

This is one aspect that brings people of both sides together and creates moments that everyone will remember long after the celebration is over. You could hire a band or a DJ suiting your budget. Again, ask your wedding planner as most of them have connections with music artists too.

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#9. Finalise your wedding outfit and jewellery

Take appointments with the selected designer and jeweller for a couple of trial runs. Also, remember to snap a photo in each outfit or jewellery piece to compare the results.

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#10. Chalk out all the events as well honeymoon

Once you will chalk out all the events that you want to have, it will be a lot easier for you as well your planner to arrange for everything. Based upon the theme of each function, your wedding planner can even suggest you some more crazy ideas and ways to make them even more fun. Also, you should start thinking about your honeymoon as soon as you are engaged. And, wherever you decide to go, do keep in mind the time of the year while finalising the place. Also, run a check on passports and visas.

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P.S.: Given the high cost of weddings, you could sign up with a credit card, which offers rewards program. There are a lot of benefits that these cards offer, such as shopping deals, miles on an airline, etc. Consolidate all your wedding expenses to this card, and you could accumulate tons of reward points, which you could probably utilise for your honeymoon.

So, now that you have this list of things to start with to plan your wedding without any hassles, make sure you follow all of these suggestions to make your big day absolutely unforgettable!

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