Emraan Hashmi Reveals His 7 Kissing Secrets On How To Kiss Passionately


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Emraan Hashmi Reveals His 7 Kissing Secrets On How To Kiss Passionately

"Someone asked me that the new kids started doing it (kissing) on the screen, but I feel very foolish to say this, but it is more evolved after years of practice... The things what I do these amateurs can't do,” said Bollywood’s ‘serial kisser’, Emraan Hashmi, when he was asked about newcomers in Bollywood who are making attempts to steal his crown away.

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Yes, when you think of Emraan Hashmi, it is almost impossible to not think about his reputation as the serial kisser of Bollywood. He has probably kissed every single female co-star he has ever worked with. This in itself makes him a true expert on the subtle art of kissing.

Well, would it not be a good idea to learn this art from the one who has mastered it by now? So, learn from this kissing connoisseur on how to excel at kissing the one you love and desire.

#1. Get your lips ready for the action

Before we get to the tips, here is how you need to prepare yourself for the action:

  • Take proper care of your lips. There is hardly anything attractive and engaging about dark, chapped lips. Make sure your lips are smooth and moist, and if required then apply some light lip balm.
  • Next, make sure your mouth is not stinking. Odour of onion, garlic, cigarettes, or anything else is not appealing to a girl. So, take care of your oral hygiene and keep a mouth freshener handy.

With these two areas covered, now let us come to the kiss itself.

#2. Captivate her eyes before her lips

emraan hashmi

Image Courtesy: Mr. X

Before he kisses his partner, Mr. Hashmi, always gives them a smouldering look. It is a look that women claim is like an exciting prelude to what is to come next. And he has done it in every single movie, so it has become his trademark and, yes it does work! Take a deep look into your lady’s eyes before you make the move. As eyes are the mirror to one’s soul, learn to say it with your eyes to, just like Emraan. 

#3. Lean towards her so that she cannot leave

emraan hashmi
Image Courtesy: Raja Natwarlal

Emraan’s next move that guys must learn is a simple strategy to increase the passion and to ensure that the kiss becomes truly memorable! Let us call it- the lean in. It is the moment before the kiss where he hovers over the lady while staring into her eyes. It is very important to maintain eye contact and keep the lips from touching. Being this close increases the anticipation, and thus increases the intensity of the kiss.

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#4. Slow and steady wins the heart!

Almost every kiss of Mr. Hashmi starts of on a gentle note. It seems as if he is just gently pressing his lips against his girl. He does not ravage his partner's lips at first. It is almost always a gentle caress that incites passion. This is also a smart way to make the woman comfortable and more involved in the kiss. It will surely make you win her respect and trust, which no ‘ravaging’ can do. 

#5. Time to go for the kill!

Once the lady reciprocates, Emraan goes in for the kill, his mouth and tongue seem to be playing a furious game of tonsil hockey with his partner and she definitely enjoys it. He is not too hard and never looks like he is trying to revive a drowning person. What’s more? A good kiss is not just sealed by your lips; it involves your entire body- from your eyes to your hands. When Emraan kisses a girl, he either wraps his hands around her or he is holding her head gently. That is a good way to make your partner more comfortable. 

Disclaimer: Guys, until and unless your lady-love is your better half, we suggest you learn to discipline your hands for the time being. Till the time you are sure that your lady is comfortable, do not let your attention wander away from her face, hair, and waist at the most. So, safe and happy kissing!

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#6. Know when to stop

This is a great final tip from the master kisser. He always leaves his partners wanting more. Yes, he leaves his lover waiting and craving for more. This is a simple trick to not just increase her passion and get her heart racing, but also to make her feel comfortable in the moment. Guys, that is exactly how you should do things as well when you kiss your girl. It is time to make your girl come to you. 

#7. Go for more than one, at times!

To be like Emraan, you need to learn that a kiss is not just limited to the lips alone. You should learn how to plant subtle, soft kisses on other parts of her face as well, apart from just the lips. You can kiss her forehead, her ear lobes or her nose too. Add a few small kisses here and there, before ending it with a nice and a soft one on the lips once again. 

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Emraan Hashmi is definitely the best choice when it comes to taking tips on kissing. Now you know his kissing secrets, so use his tips to win over your lady love's heart with that one perfectly passionate kiss- just like he does!

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