6 Egg-Based Hair Packs To Make Your Hair Nourished And Gorgeous


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6 Egg-Based Hair Packs To Make Your Hair Nourished And Gorgeous

Egg is known as a nutrition powerhouse. Do you know that it can also be helpful for your hair health? Science says that hair problems like brittle hair, excessive hair loss and the likes are triggered by vitamin deficiency in the body. From enhancing the hair texture to stopping hair loss, eggs have remarkable impacts on hair health.

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The fatty acids in eggs offer deep nourishment to the hair. Plus, it takes care of the scalp dryness by keeping the moisture intact. Eggs are rich in many essential vitamins including A, B, D, E, and K. Vitamin A adds to the hair length and prevents hair loss. Vitamin K puts a stop on premature greying of hair. Vitamin B offers protection against brittle dry hair. Additionally, vitamin B3 retains the volume of the hair. Below, we have mentioned a set of hair packs, where eggs are used as the primary ingredient. These simple home remedies have a great impact on your locks.

#1. Olive oil and egg hair pack

In a bowl, take 1 egg and 3 teaspoonful of olive oil, and blend them well. Give a thorough combing to your hair and apply this mask firstly on your scalp, then gradually on the hair strands. Let it stay for half an hour and give a wash with warm water. It not just makes the hair shiny, but also adds strength to it and controls hair fall.

#2. Lemon juice and egg hair mask

Take a bowl, pour one whole egg and 3 teaspoonful of lemon juice. Mix them well. Lemon juice clears oiliness, which is one of the causes of hair fall. Apply this mix and rub on the scalp and hair as well. After two hours wash with cold water first, then use shampoo. Do it once a week.

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#3. Egg yolk and avocado

Take two egg yolks, one avocado and blend them well. Apply this mixture evenly on the scalp and then on the hair. Let it settle for 20 minutes. Wash it with normal water. This works great as a conditioner.

#4. Yoghurt and egg yolk

Take some yoghurt according to the length of your hair, minimum is one cup. Now in this, add 1 egg yolk, and mix it thoroughly. With a brush, apply it on the scalp and on hair. Leave it for half an hour and wash it with cold water. It gives shine and volume to the hair.

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#5. Deep conditioning with eggs

Brittle hair also lead to hair fall and a prime reason for brittle hair is lack of conditioning. In a bowl, break a whole egg and beat it with a spoon till it turns into a smooth mixture. Apply it on your hair and keep it for three hours. Now wash with cold water first, then use shampoo to get rid of the smell. Do it once a week to condition your hair deeply, which will also sort out the hair fall issue.

#6. Honey, yoghurt, coconut oil and egg yolk

Are you worried about damaged hair? Repair them with an excellent pack made with 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of yoghurt and half a teaspoon of coconut oil or almond oil. Apply this mask on your hair and leave it for two hours, or if possible keep it overnight wearing a shower cap. Wash with warm water. Try avoiding the use of shampoo.

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Use these homemade hair packs and masks and get rid of all kinds of hair problems from lifeless hair to hair fall. Be the owner of lustrous locks with egg power.

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