8 Eco-Friendly And Fun Ways Newly-Weds Can Celebrate Their First Holi After Marriage


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8 Eco-Friendly And Fun Ways Newly-Weds Can Celebrate Their First Holi After Marriage

Holi is all about having fun with colours and water. Those pichkaris and water balloons are only synonymous with this festival. And if it is your first Holi after marriage, we know you would be doubly excited to play it with your spouse. But before you head to the market and start buying all this stuff, you need to stop for a second and think about whether the things that bring you such joy are healthy for anyone at all?

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Some simple steps can turn the festival Holi for newly-weds into a safe and eco-friendly Holi for your dear ones and for the environment. Here are some ways how you can have an eco-friendly Holi this year and henceforth.

#1. Alternative for colours

Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Holi

One does not need to advocate how harmful and hazardous the use of chemical-based colours are. They cause innumerable problems, from rashes to permanent blindness. They dissolve in water and seep into the soil, causing long-term harm to the natural resources.Though one should avoid the colours completely, if you must, you can stick to the following ways to enjoy eco-friendly Holi as it is first Holi for newly-weds in your house.

Make your own colours

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Holi For Newly-Wedded Couple

You can make your own colours with everyday ingredients in your kitchen. Use turmeric, sandalwood, fuller's earth, henna, etc. Some of these things will actually make your skin better. If you want to make the water colourful, use beetroot for its rose pink colour. You can try different food colours as well. This will make Holi for newly-weds a fun-filled and safe one.

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Flower power

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Holi For Newly-Wedded Couple

If you think that Holi is incomplete without lots of vibrant colours, then nature has provided you with them in abundance. Those pretty flowers that you admire, will become a great substitute for artificial colours to enjoy eco-friendly Holi. Once their work is done, they decompose in water and soil. Isn't this a beautiful way to enjoy the festival Holi for newly-weds? 

Organic colours

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Holi For Newly-Wedded Couple

And if you absolutely must use artificial colours, try organic colours as they are less harmful.

#2. Do not waste water

We all know that water is a precious resource and soon there will be a shortage of fresh water. Although we are well aware of this fact, we barely make efforts for saving it. We must save water every day, and to do so on Holi is imperative. Throwing water on strangers makes no sense. It is just wastage of something which is already limited. North India just faced water shortage and so did people of Nashik in Maharastra. So do not waste water. Every drop counts.

#3. Plan joint Holi bonfires

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Holi For Newly-Wedded Couple

It is a ritual to burn wood along with other things as a symbol of burning evil. It is considered to be an effigy of the evil Holika. As it is an age-old tradition, we are not asking you to let go of it altogether, but if you could ask your society members to come together in this celebration, it will reduce pollution to almost 50 percent. Also, instead of using timber, burn scraps as timber comes from trees which are a non-renewable resource. This is a must ritual to enjoy Holi for newly-weds.

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#4. Drink but do not waste

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Holi For Newly-Wedded Couple

Holi is incomplete without some thandai, right? So, go ahead and make or drink as much as you want. Just make sure that you drink it and not spill it on others just for fun. Wasting food is immoral. A large part of India is malnourished and letting the water flow into the sewer does not really count as a celebration. Take these right steps to enjoy eco-friendly Holi and make the colourful festival of Holi for newly-weds an experience in itself.

#5. Take care of Holi colour packets

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Holi For Newly-Wedded Couple

We tend to lose the track of reality when we are enjoying. Well, go ahead and have a blast this Holi but also contribute to the environment. All you have to do is to make sure that you do not leave the plastic packets on the streets or in the parks or anywhere else. After all, enjoying doesn't mean making the surrounding dirty and letting the environment also get affected. Like civilised citizens of the nation, we all should stand up and maintain cleanliness after we have enjoyed our share of celebration. Have fun and clean up afterwards.

#6. Strict no to water balloons

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Holi For Newly-Wedded Couple

We might have provided you with an alternative to the usual ways in which you celebrate Holi or gave you a green chit for the others. But when it comes to playing with water balloons, we are totally against it. Not only us, but nature and other people will be thankful to you for not bombarding them with water balloons. They can cause great damage and if children or animals swallow it, this can lead to death.

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#7. Celebrate dry Holi

Eco-friendly Holi

How beautiful it would be to play Holi with no wastage of water, no pichkari, no water balloon, no bucket of water, just celebrating with dry-coloured powder. It will not just encourage eco-friendly Holi, but it will also save your time to remove harsh colours post-Holi celebrations. Enjoy the beautiful colours of Holi by applying it dry and let the colours make everyone’s face colourful for a delightful experience.

#8. Enjoy tilak Holi

Holi Celebrations

Throwing away colours and balloons on each other not just wastes water and colours, but also makes the environment dirty. Ditch the cliché way and indulge in sober Holi playing. Opt for simple tilak Holi where you celebrate by applying a mark (tilak) on the forehead of everyone who comes and greet you. This way everyone in the family would like to be the part of the colourful festival, not scared of the harsh dirty colours.  

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A celebration that could end up harming someone is not a celebration at all. With many great people coming together to save the environment, it is only reasonable that we take care of our share too. Have a safe eco-friendly Holi.

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