Dress And Look For This Valentines Day


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Dress And Look For This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day all over the world is celebrated to express the priceless beautiful feeling “LOVE”. It is celebrated not only by couples but also by friends. Consider yourself really lucky if you have anyone to celebrate this day with be it your lover, friend, sister, brother or parent.

Everyone will surely have their own plans to celebrate this special day. Irrespective of your plans, it is very important to look good to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. So this is the perfect time to go out, spend some money and buy new dresses. Well, here we suggest what all looks and dresses you can go for.

1) Floral Dresses: Bright Floral prints not only make you look more lively but also more fresh and feminine. A floral dress for lunch, brunch or movie is perfect. Accessorize your look with some matching jewelry, hair band, bracelets, and belts. Do not wear everything at the same time but few of these will surely work wonders.

2) Short skirt: A short skirt is perfect for evening coffee. If you are wearing a multicolored skirt then compliment and complete the look with a plain colored top or either ways.

3) Red Dress: Red is the color of love. If you are going for a formal date, candlelit dinner then a red dress is perfect.  Red color not only has its own meaning but also is very feminine. It compliments one’s beauty.


Look “BRIGHT” yet “SUBTLE” is our mantra for this Valentine’s Day.

If you are planning to express your unexpressed feelings then you can also go for monochrome color codes for this Valentine’s Day i.e. Pink colored dress signifies that you are already in love with someone but feelings are yet to be expressed. A blue color dress signifies that you are single and ready to mingle while black is not interested in love whereas RED indicates that you are truly deeply and madly in love.




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