Does The Crab (Cancer) Suits You?


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Does The Crab (Cancer) Suits You?

Cancer – Compatible with Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo and Cancer

The main factor that attracts a Cancerian towards a Taurus is security and security only. They give a lot of importance to feelings and emotions in life. Taurus gives a lot of value to security in life and Cancer loves to provide safe, secure and protected environment to Taurus. As emotions are very important for both, there might be times when they will fight too emotional fights, but the only solution for that is logical talk and discussions. Cancer and Pisces are compatible with each other as they belong to one element group. Cancer accepts things easily and patiently whereas Pisces are born dreamers. This beautiful combination will definitely keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Cancer and Scorpio relationship is not based upon logical thinking or facts because they believe in emotions. They both come under water element and that’s why they understand each other dreams and emotions. Mutual understanding and trust will make this combination everlasting. Cancer gives a lot of importance to home in life and Scorpio loves a protected environment, so both will compliment each other nicely. Cancer and Virgo is a good combination when both respond to each other nicely, as Cancerians are very touchy – feely whereas Virgo’s are the perfectionists.  Crab will have to make extra effort to make this relationship work and Virgo will have to respond positively to crab’s emotions to make their relationship everlasting.

Cancer and Cancer relationship is going to be very touchy feely, which in a way is good thing but overdose of this might lead to end of relationship also.


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