Do You Think You Are Compatible With Bossy Leo?


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Do You Think You Are Compatible With Bossy Leo?

Leo – Compatible with Gemini, Sagittarius, Libra, Aries and Leo

Leo loves to be the boss of every situation and they feel neglected when Gemini does not give them a lot of attention.  But this duo is very connected with each other on cerebral level. When they give each other space, then you will surely see their relationship sparkling more than diamonds.  Leo has a very big heart and Gemini loves to behave like kids, so there won’t be a day in their life which will either be dull or sad. Leo and Sagittarius, both belong to fire element group, and this element makes them most compatible with each other. They both are positive and optimistic. Leo loves Sagittarius’s attention and when neglected they feel bad. This firy relationship will keep the love and romance between the couple evergreen.

Leo and Libra, the firy and airy will keep each other happy and in love throughout their lives. They share a lot in common, but also have differences as Leo loves to be the boss and Librans like everything to be balanced in life. Both share love for music and clothes, so when they come together you will surely hear a lot of music and see beautiful clothes everyday. Leo and Aries, both belong to fire element group. This is a great combination, except in situations when both try to rule others life. Their life will be full of fun, excitement, vibrancy and of course love.

Leo and Leo combination can be very good or very bad, as Leo loves to be the boss. If both will understand and respect each other than their life will be nothing less than a fairy- tale.


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