Divya Dutta's Love Life: From A Broken Engagement To Going On Dates And Being Single At 44

Even at the age of 44, Divya Dutta's love life is a mystery for people. Let's take a look at her love life!


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Divya Dutta's Love Life: From A Broken Engagement To Going On Dates And Being Single At 44

National Award winning actress, Divya Dutta was born on September 25, 1977. She had lost her father at the age of 7 and her mother, Nalini Dutta, who is a doctor, had raised her and her brother single-handedly. It is her mother, who inspired her to be the fearless and strong woman that she is now. Over the years, we have seen Divya in many TV shows, movies, and web series. However, her role in the film, Veer Zaara is still considered as her breakthrough performance.

In 2010, the Badlapur actress, Divya Dutta had become a victim of an online lie, when Wikipedia had mentioned that she is married to someone named Adarsh Raghuram. However, the page had removed the information about her marital status after a while. Later, in a conversation with PTI, Divya had quashed the reports and had stated that she doesn’t even know anybody named Adarsh Raghuram. Even at the age of 44, Divya’s love life is a mystery for people. Let's take a look at Divya Dutta's love life.

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Divya Dutta's broken engagement

Divya Dutta

According to various media reports, Divya Dutta had got engaged to Lt Commander Sandeep Shergill in May 2005. However, later, the two had developed differences and had parted ways. Divya and Sandeep had exchanged the rings in Chandigarh and the reason for their split is unknown. According to a report in India Forums, Divya doesn’t deny the reports of the split, however, she never elaborated on the reason behind it. The portal had quoted Divya as saying:

"It's too personal. I do not wish to talk about this now. I will talk when I am ready."

Just when the media galleries were buzzing with the reports of Divya’s engagement ceremony, the reports had also stated that she had actually married Sandeep. When India Forums had contacted Divya Dutta to enquire about her secret wedding, she had said:

"It has been very embarrassing explaining to people that Sandeep and I only got engaged in Chandigarh last year. Is there no difference between engagement and marriage?"

Divya Dutta had also mentioned that she had got engaged to Sandeep because their parents had desired for the same. However, it wasn’t meant to be. She had said:

"They thought that it's high time we gave some sanctity to our relationship."

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Divya Dutta's closeness with Vikas Bhalla

Divya Vikas In Shanoo Ki Shaadi

Divya Dutta had played the lead in the TV show, Shanno Ki Shaadi along with actor, Vikas Bhalla. At that time, it was reported that the growing proximity between them could be the reason behind her broken engagement with Sandeep Shergill. It was stated that Vikas and Divya used to be very cosy together. Now, Vikas Bhalla is married to Prem Chopra’s daughter, Punita Chopra.

Divya Dutta on dating and marriage

Divya Dutta

In a 2019 interview with The Times Of India, Divya Dutta was asked about her plans to get married and she had mentioned that she was in no hurry. Sharing that she has men in her life and she goes on dates but has no plans to tie the knot, Divya had said:

"Honestly I don’t think about marriage but yes, I do think about having a companion. I do have men in my life, I go on dates and meet interesting men. But not anyone I want to marry right now.”

Talking about her definition of a right kind of man, Divya had further added:

“You know people ask me who’s your right kind of man and I was thinking that there’s no right or wrong guy. It just has to be somebody who makes you feel good about yourself that is the right guy for you. If you feel comfortable being with him, if he makes you feel happy, then he’s the one for you.”

Divya Dutta

Stating that she is in no hurry to get married and have left it on fate, Divya had concluded:

“I’m in no hurry to get married too because hurry kar ke kuchh nahi hone wala. Jab hona hota hai toh ho hi jaata hai. I’ve left it to fate now. I have a complete family with my brother, his wife and their kid. Abhi usmein khush hoon. It’s not as if I lead a boring life (laughs). I have a very happening one, in fact. I have some very attractive men as friends and I go out with them often."

We have seen Divya Dutta perform some path-breaking characters on-screen. Her real-life persona matches them perfectly as despite a broken engagement, her zeal to find love has not faded away. Divya is single and strong at 44 and her upfront attitude about her life makes us all fall in love with her!

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