Different Side Of Being A Homemaker


By Kanika Kothari Last Updated:

Different Side Of Being A Homemaker

Are you planning to quit your lucrative 9-5 job? Worse, are you doing it to prove that you are a good homemaker? It’s not worth the trouble honey!

In India, housewives have been referred as an epitome of love and care, in short home making. Any deviation from their regular homemaking skills apparently kills this personification straight away! Now before you feel guilty, try and grab hold of the idiot, who phrased this! Cause even if you quit your job to take care of your house and family, you will still have a lot many drawbacks to your credit.

This is the most pronounced feeling, which you will encounter more frequently than anything else. The frustration of not earning, of not being able to fulfill your ambitions and desires through work, will soon permeate into the homemaker’s domain. As a result, you may start feeling irritable after a couple of months. In spite of enjoying those extra hours with your husband, you will soon find yourself in a perpetual state of guilt, uselessness and above all sheer frustration.

No matter how much your husband disliked you for working, but at the end of the day he was happy receiving your income and for obvious reasons as well! When two people earn, it’s all the more financially rosy and in case you turn a homemaker, you ruin the chance. Becoming a homemaker cuts away a portion of household income. Apart from that I’m sure you don’t want to go about asking money for all your needs?

Loss of skills
When women work, they are a pack of skilled workforce. As a homemaker, once upon a time working-woman now-turned housewife stagnates. Being away from work for long, doesn’t involve their up gradation of skills, making them less valuable for work. As a result, when women plan to work after a long hiatus, they tend to start from scratch.

Public censure
Just when you thought home making is fulfilling, think again! It is, but soon you may be made to feel other way. In India, whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, you will always be cut open for judgmental dissection. While you turn a homemaker, you may be shunned for rusting away in solace. Or in short, nobody will value you! For some people, if you are a housewife, you are living your life in utter bliss.

It’s a known fact that working women juggle many responsibilities and hence, are good at multitasking. The moment you turn a home maker, you will find discipline slipping away. The reason is that as human beings, we tend to work well under pressure. You will soon realize that you are simply doing the same work as you did while working, but maybe for longer hours.

Hence, more than quitting, women should always plan and take a small break in times of family crisis or for sheer rejuvenation! And trust me, no matter how good or bad you are at home making, that will never translate into your resume.