Esha Deol Enjoys The 'Perks Of Pregnancy', Dharmendra Sends Her Hand-Picked Veggies From Their Farm


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Esha Deol Enjoys The 'Perks Of Pregnancy', Dharmendra Sends Her Hand-Picked Veggies From Their Farm

Pregnancy surely comprises of loads of scary, uncomfortable and sometimes anxiety moments, but the love, awe, wonder and excitement of it all, outweigh the pain. From the time a couple conceives, the mommy-to-be requires love and care, not only from her husband but the family too. And the super-excited to-be grandparents, maternal as well as paternal, are happy to pamper the to-be mommy with all the care, love and attention she seeks. Soon-to-be second-time-mommy, Esha Deol is living the same phase, wherein her family and husband are pampering her to the core.

Sharing one such instance on her Instagram handle, Esha Deol posted a photo of herself holding fresh and pure hand-picked vegetables sent by her father, Dharmendra from their farm. Explaining the same, Esha wrote, “Getting to eat the purest freshest vegetables hand picked by my father straight from our farm is simply a blessing to have #gratitude #perksofpregnancy #myfathermyhero #myfather #thefarmer #jat #natural #healthyliving #healthyfood #vegitarian #growyourownveggies #blessed”.

Esha Deol

On February 7, 2019, Esha Deol shared a throwback picture of herself from Disneyland and expressed her eagerness to go back there again with her ‘babies’. The Cakewalk actress captioned it, “#thursdaythrowback... #disneyland can’t wait to go back with my babies #backtochildhood #freedom #wonderyears”.

Esha Deol

On January 23, 2019, Esha announced her second pregnancy with the help of her firstborn, Radhya Takhtani. Esha shared a photo of her one-year-old and the text 'I'm being promoted to "BIG SISTER"' written atop it. Expressing her feelings of embracing motherhood for the second time, Esha shared in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, "Both of us (her and her businessman husband Bharat Takhtani) definitely wanted another baby as we grew up with siblings and wanted the same fun company for Radhya. The timing happened by the grace of God."

Radhya Takhtani

When asked how her parents and little Radhya's grandparents, Hema Malini and Dharmendra reacted on becoming grandparents again, Esha revealed the reaction of both the families. She retorted, "All the four grandparents are excited, for them the more the merrier."

Esha Deol and Hema Malini

Sometime back, a video from Esha Deol’s vidaai went viral on social media, wherein we can see an emotional father crying his heart out as his beloved daughter leaves her home. Dharmendra shared, "Esha meri jaan hai, meri bahaut pyaari beti hai. Betiyaan badi hoti hain toh unke liye fikar badhti hai ki ladka accha dhundha jaye toh hume accha ladka mil gaya. Ab shaadi ho gayi hai ab vida ho jayegi toh lagta hai ki paal pos ke bada karte hain fir ek din paraye ghar chali jati hain". Here’s the video:



In an interview a few days ago, proud grandmother, Hema Malini talked about her granddaughter, Radhya and some interesting details about their relationship. Hema ji had shared, “Lipstick nikaal nikaal ke mere haathon mein lagati hai, she wants to even put it on my face. When I’m doing my make-up in the morning, she must sit on my lap. She also wants my purse. It is because of her that I’m carrying a small one. I also remind myself to keep the purse super-light.”

Hema Malini and Radhya Takhtani

Do you know, Hema ji has now started keeping a smaller handbag because of Radhya? Revealing the reason, the legendary actress shared, “So, I’ve started using a smaller bag with lesser stuff inside it. I keep only the most important things in it, so Radhya can string it around and have fun.”

Esha Deol, Radhya Takhtani And Hema Malini

In another interview, Esha shared what inspirations does she take from her mother, Hema Malini. Esha remarked, “In every step in my daily routine. She is the most amazing woman to have at home, whom I can call my mother. I am blessed to have a mother like her whom the entire nation looks up to. The fact she can get inspired by a topic like Ganga and create an entire dance ballet, giving a beautiful message to our nation, get it on stage to perform with all these dancers, it’s amazing. I wish my maa all the best pray she may continue to be an inspiration to all of us.”

Radhya Takhtani

Isn’t Dharmendra setting major father goals by pampering his pregnant daughter, Esha Deol with fresh and pure vegetables?

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