Dalljiet Kaur Gets Engaged To UK-Based Nikhil Patel, Father Of Two Kids, Actress Confirms Wedding

The popular actress, Dalljiet Kaur got engaged to her UK-based boyfriend, Nikhil Patel, who is a father of two daughters. The actress also confirmed their wedding month in her latest interview.


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Dalljiet Kaur Gets Engaged To UK-Based Nikhil Patel, Father Of Two Kids, Actress Confirms Wedding

The popular television actress, Dalljiet Kaur has found love again in her life after a sour experience with her ex-husband, Shalin Bhanot. The actress, in her latest interview, revealed that she has got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Nikhil Patel, who is based in the United Kingdom. Not only this, the stunning actress also opened up about their wedding plans and admitted that they’re going to get married in 2023. The news has delighted her massive fanbase, who were constantly praying and hoping their favourite actress to fall in love again.

Dalljiet Kaur got engaged to UK-based Nikhil Patel, the actress revealed their wedding month

In an interview with ETimes, Dalljiet Kaur talked about her engagement with Nikhil Patel, who works in a finance company in London. The actress admitted that they got engaged on January 3, 2023, in Nepal, after dating each other for one year. When Dalljiet was asked about their wedding date, the actress admitted that they’re going to tie the knot in March 2023. The to-be bride didn’t reveal the exact date as of now, but she looked absolutely excited about it. She said:

"The wedding is in March, and I am still figuring out a lot of things. I will move to Nairobi (Africa) for a couple of years, as Nikhil is placed there for work right now. We will eventually move back to London, where he was born and raised."

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Dalljiet Kaur opens up about her boyfriend, Nikhil Patel, being a parent of two daughters

Further in the interview, Dalljiet Kaur revealed that her partner, Nikhil Patel is a father of two daughters, Aariyana and Aanika. The actress added that both she and Nikhil are single parents, which was the reason behind their quick connection.

However, she admitted that at the beginning, it was quite normal, but eventually, when they talked to each other, they fell in love with one another. Dalljiet also revealed that Nikhil’s younger daughter, Aanika, lives with his ex-wife, while Aariyana will live with them. She explained:

"I met Nick at a friend’s party in Dubai last year. I only spoke about my son, and he was talking about his two daughters, 13-year-old Aariyana and eight-year-old Aanika. He wore blue nail polish on his toes, and when I asked him about it, he replied, ‘I am a proud dad of two girls.’ Romance wasn’t in the air back then; it was just two single parents chatting. Love happened with time. It was our love for our children that connected us. While Anika lives with her mother in the US, Aariyana will live with us."

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Dalljiet Kaur on her ex-husband, Shalin Bhanot’s equation with their son, Jaydon

In the same interview, Dalljiet Kaur also talked about her ex-husband, Shalin Bhanot and shared how both of them need to step up as parents if they want the best for their kid, Jaydon. The actress admitted that Shalin shares a beautiful bond with Jaydon, and her ex-husband always tries his best to do things that make their son smile. While heaping praises on Shalin, the actress added that she would be the first to introduce the former’s future wife to their son if the actor plans to marry. She said:

"Jaydon needs to have the most normal life and he can only have that if he has his people, including Shalin, around him. Shalin is more than welcome to meet Jaydon and I will bring him to India to meet him. He should know that his father loves him. Hamein iss bachhe ka sochna chahiye jiska koi lena dena nahi hai jo bhi jhagde hue ya nahi hue. Both of us need to step up as his parents and this is our chance. If Shalin gets married, I will be the one to introduce that girl to Jaydon."

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Congratulations to Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel!

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