9 Creative Ways To Add 'Gota' To Your Wedding Decoration


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9 Creative Ways To Add 'Gota' To Your Wedding Decoration

Flowers, drapes, fairy lights, innovative props, photo booths etc. are the most common ways of decorating a wedding function. But now, you can even add gota to the wedding decor list. Yes, decoration with that glittery gota is in trend now.

Gota looks different from the usual decoration, plus it adds some subtle oomph to the whole decor. So, if you are wondering how you can add gota to your wedding décor, then see the list below.

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#1. Jewelleries

If you are planning to wear floral jewellery at your mehendi function then why not combine them with gota to add some bling to the jewellery. And if not with flowers, then wear simple gota jewellery like neckpiece adorned with pearls, juhmkas, bangles, rings or any other thing. The ornaments will not only accentuate the beauty of the outfit to multiple times, but will definitely be a huge hit because of its contemporary look.

#2. Chandelier

Chandelier always makes the whole decor grand and exquisite. But instead of regular glass chandeliers, why not go for gota chandelier! Interesting idea, isn’t it? Use gota of your favourite colour, decorate them with fairy lights and voila, you have a beautiful chandelier like this one.

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#3. Lamps or hangings

And if you are not a chandelier person, but still want to have some lightings with gota, then add some fancy gota strings to the hangings, cover the lamps with gota or simply hang them together in a bunch and add some light to it. This style will add some royal look to your decor. Take a clue from this picture.

#4. Cushions

Every seating arrangement has cushions, so instead of covering them with simple cover, why not make them fancy with some gota work like these cushions.

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#5. Backdrop

If you want a different backdrop from the regular flower one for a wedding function then pick some bright coloured gota in single or various shapes, hang single stands of gota in the background or frame them, this is one simple decor which will make your backdrop just wow. 

#6. Centrepiece

Gota flowers as centrepiece is such a wonderful idea. It will instantly brighten up the setting. Have a look!

#7. Mandap decor

Decorating your mandap with gota along with some flowers, lights and props is a fabulous idea. The best part about this decor is that you can use this decor during day or night function, indoor or outdoor functions. Have a look at these pictures to get an idea.

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#8. Drop downs

Gota even make a perfect drop downs. Just hang them up with some colourful drapes and let them do their magic. Gota drop downs will definitely be loved by all. Take a look at this picture and see how pretty they look.

#9. Jazz up the furniture

If you do not want too much of gota patti décor, but just a hint then simply decorate your furniture with them. They will not only jazz up your furniture, but will also add zing to the decor. Here is how you can do this.    

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And you thought you can only use gota patti on outfits! So, if you want a different type of wedding decoration then do consider adding gota patti. It is an unusual yet fun decor idea. And with so many ways mentioned above, it should now be easier for you to decide how you are going to add gota to your wedding decor. Do share your decor idea with us. We would love to hear them! 

All Images Courtesy: Rani Pink