Choosing Auspicious Wedding Time By Astrology


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Choosing Auspicious Wedding Time By Astrology

There are three things that make a wedding successful and everlasting; wedding with right person, wedding at auspicious date and lastly all wedding ceremonies at auspicious time. If you look at the ancient Hindu scriptures and Vedas, you will that all of them give a very strong emphasis on marriage ceremony and states that marriage is a sacred institution which can not be broken during the couple’s lifetime. The institution of marriage is considered as couple’s duty towards community and society. Astrologers as called the learned ones read astrology charts of couple to give a suitable time for all marriage ceremonies. Let’s have a look at elements on which marriage date and time is dependent along with auspicious wedding dates and time for 2011.

Significance of Moon’s and Sun’s position in choosing auspicious wedding date and time

According to Hindu Vedic astrology, the first step that a couple should take towards starting their married life is matching their zodiac signs. This will help them in understanding about each others nature and cerebral compatibility. Each zodiac sign has a different meaning and a person’s character shows the impact of their zodiac sign on their character, and this is where astrologer helps a person in matching and informing the couple about their compatibility and future married life. When the astrologer reads groom’s astrology chart he reads it in accordance with moon’s position and when he reads bride’s chart then he matches it with sun’s position. If the astrologer finds that both situations or dasha’s are suiting each other, then on the basis of that dasha he informs the couple and their family about auspicious wedding time and date.

Inauspicious date and time for marriage

There are dates and times in which a couple should avoid wedding ceremony. Even if you are going to get married in a court, then also you should give importance and consideration to suitable date and time for marriage. If you are planning to get married on either your or your partner’s birthday, then you should avoid or change the date. A person goes through certain changes and sometimes tension on their birth dates and this might affect their wedding ceremony.

Auspicious dates (vivaah muhurat) for wedding – 2011

January 2011 – Vivaah muhurat for Hindu wedding in January are – 16, 17 then 21 – 27 January with the exception of 25 January and lastly 30 January.

February 2011 - Auspicious wedding dates in February are – 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, then 18 and 20. After that all dates till end of February are auspicious for Hindu wedding.

March 2011- Kharmas starts in this month, so the only available auspicious dates in this month are 1, 6, 7, 11 and 12 March

April 2011 –Kharmas

May 2011- Auspicious wedding dates are 5, 6, then from 11 – 29 March with the exception of 19 -22 and 26 March. 30 May is also an auspicious date for marriage.

June 2011 – 2 and 3 June are auspicious dates for marriage in June. Then, 7 – 30 June with the exception of 13, 19, 20, 21, 22, 26 and 27 March.

July 2011 –Because of Hari Shayan and Chaturmasa the only available dates in this month are from 4 – 10 July.

August 2011 – October 2011 – No muhurats because of Chaturmasa and Hari Shayan.

November 2011 - This month’s auspicious dates are from 18 – 29 with the exception of 24 and 25 November.

December 2011 – Vivaah muhurat for December – 4, 5, 6 December and then 9 – 11 December.

So, when are you surprising your partner with your auspicious wedding date?


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