Bridesmaids Duties: 9 Things Every Indian Bride Must Tell Her Sisters And Friends Before The Wedding


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Bridesmaids Duties: 9 Things Every Indian Bride Must Tell Her Sisters And Friends Before The Wedding

As a soon-to-be bride, you would want all your darling sisters and besties to be there with you during all the ceremonies. After all, they have always been there for you and with you, so your wedding is no different. And, they are the only people who know how to make you feel relaxed and tension-free better than anyone else. That is why; you need them around you during the most hectic, fun as well as nerve-wrecking days of your life.  

Well, your bridesmaids would certainly love to do anything for you to make you feel special during the most beautiful time of your life. But, to make their lives easier as well, here are a few major things that you should let your bridesmaids know before your wedding.

#1. An exact timeline of all the functions

Make sure you tell your bridesmaids the detailed schedule of your wedding functions. As you would want them to be with you right from the beginning till the end, it would be easy for them to be available if you give them each and every small detail like, when will you leave for the parlour, what time you are supposed to reach the venue, etc.

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#2. A list of all important phone numbers

You would not have the time or patience to call your designer, stylist, or any other vendor, in case there is a delay from their side. So, make sure you hand over a list of such important phone numbers to one of your bridesmaids, and let her coordinate these things. Apart from the wedding vendors, also give them the phone numbers of close relatives so that they can get in touch with them whenever required.

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#3. How much to pack

If your friends are coming to stay with you from a different city or country, inform them properly about how much and what all they must pack. Do not leave them in a tight spot later by keeping them uninformed.

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#4. Details of the dance rehearsals

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No Indian wedding is complete without the latkas, jhatkas and thumkas. And, the wedding choreographers usually come for a certain time period for conducting the rehearsals. So, make sure you do not forget to inform your friends and cousins about the timings as you would not want them to stay out of these fun performances. Also, an even better idea would be to let your bridesmaids coordinate the dance rehearsals.

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#5. Days you want to book them exclusively for yourself

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If you want your bridesmaids to accompany you for a shopping spree, go to book your stylist, or any other wedding planning related task, then inform them about the same beforehand. This will make it easier for them to make arrangements to keep their day free for you.

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#6. Dress code for your bridesmaids

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The concept of having a dress code for the bridesmaids is not so common in the Indian weddings. But, if your sweet angels agree to do so, then make sure the dress you finalise is liked by all of them. And, whether it is to be stitched or bought from a particular place, make sure you give them the details of the same so that they can arrange for it easily.

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#7. A list of things you will need on your wedding day

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If you feel that there are a few small yet important things you might need on the wedding day, and without which you would be in a fix, tell this to your bridesmaid well in advance. As a bride, you have to be responsible for as less things as possible, so let your bridesmaids know well in advance to take care of small things like, what all you will need while heading to the parlour, things you will need to make you feel comfortable in your wedding dress or shoes, etc. But, do not make them run around the city to find you a coloured safety pin or a matching clutch at the last moment. Tell them to carry an emergency kit with them to the wedding. A kit that comprises of things like, safety pins, hair pins, makeup items for touch up, some tissue, sanitary napkins, some mint, etc. Also, inform them to bring your favourite snacks along with them for you to munch on.

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#8. What they really mean to you

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Well, we know there is no need to explain the love that you share with your bridesmaids. But, wedding days are going to be so hectic that any of you or your bridesmaids can get a bit freaked out. And, talking about it beforehand would certainly help them a lot in gearing up for the busy days ahead.

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#9. When should their better halves arrive for the functions

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If your bridesmaids have husbands or boyfriends, who will accompany them to your wedding functions, let the poor men know when and what time they should arrive. Your bridesmaids will otherwise be divided between their better halves, who will be all alone and bored because they came way early, and you, who needs them to be ‘only’ with you.

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So ladies, do not forget to share these details with all your sweethearts. And, once you do it, your bridesmaids would certainly leave no stone unturned to make your wedding day the most amazing and memorable time of your life.

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