Arriving In Opulence


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Arriving In Opulence

Traditionally, the escort of an Indian Bridegroom has been the humble mare, all decked up in its scarlet finery, embroidered with golden threads and looking as Regal as the groom himself. Have you ever wondered why mare and not a Stallion is used for the procession? Well, the tale behind this is very interesting and amusing.

The amusing tale
Folklore has it that in the olden days the marriage procession used to travel long miles to reach bride’s village. The groom would always travel astride a horse, specifically a mare, because in the event of a dacoit attack, he could gallop on the mare and assure his own safety. The pride of exception for the females here is that unlike in case of men and women, mares can run faster than the stallion. The stallion is hindered in his gallop by his very male assets (of which he is undoubtedly proud), which render him useless as a groom’s escort and enjoy the regal fineries and treatment.

Vintage cars: Reminiscent of olden times
Vintage cars are another great option for use as wedding cars. They go a long way in creating a unique style statement for the groom. A Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro or a Pontiac Firebird will be the best option to travel a la elegance. Agreed that it may be difficult to come by these cars, but the good news is that a lot of elite wedding planners in the city are even accomplishing the rare feat of carrying the groom amidst the style afforded by the classic vintage cars.

The rakish sports car
It is said that the reformed rakes make the best husbands. But even after reformation, some part of the rakish, roguish character still remains and it should not be surprising if the groom turns up at his wedding in a classic sports car, preferably a convertible one, driving it all the way himself.

Come on, only bride is not allowed the liberty of having wedding day anxieties, even groom can feel butterflies in his stomach. And what better rejuvenator than driving a sports car to one’s wedding and alighting in the stateliness desired of him today.

The classic limousine
Though a passé in the wedding circles in the West, the trend is rapidly picking up in India. A lot of wedding transport operators provide limousine service to escort the groom to the wedding venue in true magnificence and grandiloquence.

But this can be expensive as hell because the rates are charged on an hourly basis and are not at all humble for that matter. No wonder then that a lot grooms insist on driving the limo on clear roads. After all, apart from the wedding, it could be another once in a lifetime moment for them.  

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