Arbaaz Khan Finally Accepts Dating Georgia Andriani, Says He Doesn't Want To Rush About Anything


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Arbaaz Khan Finally Accepts Dating Georgia Andriani, Says He Doesn't Want To Rush About Anything

Relationships are very fragile, and every relation is a two-way track. Any break-up or divorce in the tinsel town hurts not only the celeb couple involved but all their fans out there as well. It was no less than a shock when one of the most compatible and strongest couples of Bollywood, Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan called off their marriage of 17 years and were granted divorce legally in 2017. Malaika is rumoured to be romantically involved with Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor. Arbaaz was until now rumoured to be dating Italian model, Giorgia Andriani.

All this while, there have only been speculations and guesses if Arbaaz and Georgia were really dating. The two have been spotted together on various social events, even at the airport for their vacation together. What added fuel to the fire was the time when Arbaaz and Georgia came together at his sister Arpita’s house for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. (You May Also Like: Malaika Reacted In Unexpected Way When She Met Ex-Hubby Arbaaz Khan's Alleged GF Georgia Andriani?)

Arbaaz Khan and Georgia Andriani

After all the conjectures and speculations, now Arbaaz has come on record to state that he is dating Georgia. As per a report in The Times of India, Arbaaz has finally let the cat out of the bag and has accepted being romantically involved with the Italian beauty. Arbaaz also went on to add that he isn’t rushing into anything as of now. Here’s what the TOI report states, “While most B-town stars keep mum about their love life, Arbaaz has let the cat out of the bag, stating he has dated women in the past and has had relationships with a few that ended faster than he expected. But Khan admitted that he is dating and doesn’t want to “rush about anything.” While saying that he didn’t know where this relationship with Giorgia is headed, he pointed out that everyone else seems to know.”

Arbaaz Khan Has Found Love Giorgia Andriani

In an interview with DNA post his divorce with Malaika, Arbaaz had stated, "I am in a good space at this point in time. Everybody has their scenarios, challenges, ups and downs, happiness and disappointments... I am not saying that any of those are completely washed away. There will always be a sense of things you want to achieve, where you want to be, a sense of disappointment, a few regrets here and there. Those are always going to linger. How you cope with them and how you move on is what your life is about. Right now, I am in a better space because I am able to cope with whatever challenges are thrown at me." (Also Read: Arbaaz Khan To Marry Girlfriend Giorgia Andriani Inspite Of Family's Disapproval?)


He further added, “I do depend on people. I am dependent, and I don’t know anybody who is not, but people like to believe they do not need anybody for anything, it’s not true. Everybody needs somebody for some reason. Coming back to my relationship, I had come to a stage where I needed Malaika in my life.”

Sharing if Malaika became his habit, Arbaaz was quoted as saying, “No, not in a negative way. Needed her in a way like you need water. It’s not whether you like it or not, you need it, like air. If I don’t get it, I’ll die. So, there comes a point in your life that somebody in your life — your parent, brother, sister or colleague — you need them like that and you should never look at anyone like that. You give someone the importance that they become so valuable in your life. Imagine somebody taking water or oxygen away from you, how would you feel? That’s almost what I felt for a while. Of course, you get used to it. Life goes on, you move on, and you have to make sense of what’s happened, and you somehow find that. You cannot always get answers."


And went on to add, "I look back and see 22 years of togetherness — five years of courtship and 17 years of marriage and a child. And I wonder why this and why that and what could have been corrected. And if there were mistakes from my end or her side. We just couldn’t work around it. We did our bit of counselling... What I am saying is that you should never be embarrassed when you say you are dependent on somebody. I am talking about a genuine need where you feel good/bad/ugly, I cannot do without you. If the air is bad, will you not breathe it? If the water is dirty, will you not drink it? Somebody creates a scenario; you try and live with that. I was in that space where Malaika was somebody I couldn’t live without, under any circumstances. You know, I can never completely deal with it.” (Suggested Read: Asin Thottumkal Shares Pictures From Her Baby Girl's First Birthday, It Was A Dreamy-Themed Bash)


Sharing the details about how his son has taken their divorce, Arbaaz remarked, “He is quite smart. He turns 15 this year. He is a great boy. In fact, in the years that we have been apart, my son has focused on his studies, on his health, athletics and whatever else he is doing. Which is very credible because he could have very well used our separation as an excuse and said, ‘I don’t feel like studying’ or got into bad company. My son has excelled in everything. We have realised that he knew that there was a situation in the family and he put his focus into his activities and full credit to him. There is a parenting that still happens, and we are more careful with him. He has got into great hobbies, has started doing card tricks, he learned them on YouTube. He is very good at cards and some tricks have taken him eight months to master. That is very impressive.”

It's good to hear that Arbaaz has moved on in life. What's your take on this, guys? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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