Anand Ahuja Reacts On Seeing Sonam Kapoor Stand In Boots On Their Rs 18 Lakh Sofa

Anand Ahuja has finally reacted to his wife, Sonam Kapoor's photoshoot pictures, where she stood on their sofa, worth Rs18 lakh.


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Anand Ahuja Reacts On Seeing Sonam Kapoor Stand In Boots On Their Rs 18 Lakh Sofa

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja got married in May 2018, and ever since then; the duo has been shuttling between India and London. The couple had experienced a long-distance marriage as Anand Ahuja resides in London and operates his business there, whereas Sonam's acting career is in India.

Anand Ahuja is a businessman and owns brands, Bhane and VegNonVeg. Whereas Sonam Kapoor is a Bollywood actress. During the second phase of lockdown, the actress moved to London with her husband. Since then, the couple has been happily spending time together. However, the duo keeps travelling between London-India as per their work requirements.

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Sonam Kapoor

A few days back on Instagram, Sonam Kapoor had shared a picture of herself posing inside her London home and creative studio for the latest edition of Architectural Digest India. In the picture, she had stood in her black boots on their three-seater sofa from Mario Bellini worth Rs 18 lakhs. Sonam had donned a long purple dress and had posed with her hands on her waist on her blue and teal Camaleonda sofa. She had captioned the post, “At first, I was nervous about opening up our home and office, but I quickly realised I was in great hands. I’m now thrilled and excited to share these images of our beloved spaces presented beautifully.”

Soon after she posted this picture, her husband, Anand Ahuja reacted to the post, saying, "This picture will always come to my mind whenever I sit on that couch now", followed by some funny emojis. Responding to his comment, Sonam apologised, saying,  "@anandahuja hhahhahahah.. sorry I stood on the new couch.."

Sonam Kapoor

The actress had done a magazine shoot at her London house. She had shared glimpses of her home through her photos on Instagram. Sonam had shared that she wanted a place with an eclectic feel that also connected to her Indian roots, and Interior designer, Rooshad Shroff had helped her achieve that.

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In another picture from her house, Sonam had mentioned, “The first time Anand Ahuja and I stepped foot into our flat it instantly felt like home! It’s a two and a half bedroom space nestled in Notting Hill, and perfect for where we are in our lives at present. Upon seeing the space, we knew right away Rooshad Shroff would bring to life a particular vision I had for the space. As always, Rooshad and I very much enjoyed collaborating together. He is highly adept in curating a space tailored to someone’s needs and individual design taste."

Apart from this, Sonam Kapoor had also shared about her specific taste, saying that, "Colour was a big requirement for me, and furthermore he helped bring to fruition my vision to create a more outdoor feel on the inside, rich in greens, blues and jewel tones, etc. My taste and leanings have become far more eclectic over the years, with a need to incorporate warm textures, fabrics, wallpapers with vintage carpets and chandeliers. I truly desired a delicate balance between modernist art and furniture that strongly mirrors my Indian heritage. Being away from home can be hard at times, and so Rooshad did a marvelous job of marrying British architecture with the Indian aesthetic and richness. While India is my soul, London has my heart."

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor visited India last month for her sister, Rhea Kapoor’s wedding. Sonam will be next seen in Bollywood thriller, Blind.

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