Amrita Rao Got The 'Most Expensive Gift' From Her Husband, Anmol And Asked Him Whether It Is Real

On their show, 'Couple Of Things', RJ Anmol recalled giving his wife, Amrita Rao 'the most expensive gift of his life' and how she had reacted to it.


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Amrita Rao Got The 'Most Expensive Gift' From Her Husband, Anmol And Asked Him Whether It Is Real

It is said that if you want your relationship to work out, it is better to keep it private. Vivah actress, Amrita Rao and her RJ husband, Anmol Sood, had taken it seriously that their relationship was a secret affair. It was only after their wedding announcement in 2016 that people had got to know about this adorable couple. Be it with their wedding or their pregnancy announcement in 2020, this couple has always surprised the nation. Now, in their YouTube series titled Couple Of Things, Anmol recalled the most expensive gift he had given to Amrita and her reaction to it.

On May 15, 2021, Amrita Rao and Anmol had celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Amrita had shared a throwback picture with Anmol, from one of their vacations, and they had committed to donate oxygen cylinders to the people in need during the pandemic. Elaborating on the same, Amrita had captioned her anniversary post as:

"On our Wedding Anniversary today... we commit ourselves to donating Oxygen Cylinders to the people in need #throwbackpic And We urge All of you to convert your good wishes into some service to the Society & to the Nation. Since the last month we have already been working with our @oxygenarmy1 with tremendous support from many of you generous donors ...and we pledge to continue so. #JaiHind."

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Amrita Rao and Anmol

Through their series, Couple Of Things, Anmol and Amrita have been sharing unheard stories from their lives with their fans. In the latest episode, Anmol shared the romantic surprises he had given to his wife, Amrita, over the years. He recalled one of their Valentine’s week when he had gifted Amrita the most expensive gift of his life. He shared:

“Valentine’s Day was around the corner and I was like, ‘I have to surpass my surprises, take it to a different level altogether.’ You know girls love diamonds, diamonds are your best friend, so I was like, I have to gift her diamond, a solitaire. We know somebody, Zaveri uncle. I called him and told him that I wanted to get a solitaire ring made for Amrita. I sneakily took your ring size. Most expensive gift of my life!”

Amrita Anmol

Anmol mentioned that he had given the solitaire ring to Amrita two nights before Valentine’s Day at the least expected moment. He shared that they were married at that time, and when they were going to bed, he had gifted her that ring. He added:

“I switched off all the lights in the bedroom. This was after marriage, of course, and I gave her that diamond ring.”

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Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol

Amrita Rao added that they were not even at a romantic destination or dinner. They were about to sleep when Anmol had given her the ring box, asking her to open it. She said:

“Yeah, least expected. It was not like we were at a romantic destination or dinner and he went down on his knee or something. We were about to sleep and he was like, ‘One minute, Amrita, will you open this?’”

Amrita Rao and Anmol

Recalling how Amrita was astonished by the gesture and could not believe it, Anmol added, “She could not believe it, it was like clean bowled 10 times.” Further, Amrita revealed her first reaction to it and mentioned, “I was like, is it real?” Then Anmol concluded by saying that he had given her a hug and a kiss on the head and had replied:

“You are the real diamond.”

Amrita Rao and Anmol

Well, Anmol and Amrita are setting the standards of relationship goals a little too high!

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