'Ambarsariya' Singer, Sona Mohapatra Gives A Sneak Peek Into Her 'Awkward' Mumbai Home, 'Tarasha'

Sona Mohapatra and Ram Sampath's Mumbai home contains artworks, a completely aloof place, stained windows and a cosy feeling like a cottage. Check out!


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'Ambarsariya' Singer, Sona Mohapatra Gives A Sneak Peek Into Her 'Awkward' Mumbai Home, 'Tarasha'

Musician-singer, Sona Mohapatra had tied the knot with her singer-composer, Ram Sampath in 2005. The much-in-love duo are partners in their music production house, OmGrown Music and also have their own studios. Together, the power couple resides in Mumbai. Recently, in the latest episode of the Asian Paints, Where The Heart Is, Sona gave a tour of her home, which she described as a flaw in her own sense of being stylish.

Sona Mohapatra and Ram Sampath's beautiful home is named 'Tarasha' after their mother's names respectively, which is Tara and Asha. Apart from this, the entire house contains minute details connected to the Indian roots. So, let's delve into the beautiful house tour.

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sona's house nameplate

sona's house nameplate 2

Sona Mohapatra begins the conversation by describing how she and her interior designer, Tejal Mathur, who is also her close friend had planned to decorate the house, which connects to her childhood. While mentioning that her house is filled with many 'awkward things', she recalled an incident when a friend of hers, who is also an interior designer by profession had come from New York and had mentioned to her that her dining area consists of a flaw. Talking about the same, she mentioned that on one side of her dining room area, she has chairs and on the other side, a large swing. And to avail the swing, since there is no space on the other two sides of the table, one would have to go around the wall. She said:

"As I child, I was a very curious child. I would land up in a place or go around exploring a place. Finding little corners, finding little surprises, and somehow you don't find that in the home of Bombay because obviously space is a constraint. So to have found a home, which has a bunch of things that are awkward, like this whole dinning room area. You don't have access to the jhula directly and in the middle of it being made I had this architect friend from New York who visited me. She said, 'Oh! This is a huge flaw! You can't have to take this round about walk and go to that side to sit.' And, I remember calling Tejal and laughing about it, saying, 'what do they know, we are not normal like that.' We like to take this round. Make an effort, tabhi laddu milega."

sona's dinning area


sona's jhula

As the video pans into Sona Mohapatra's drawing-room, we can see a grey-coloured sofa adorned with colourful cushions, a grey-toned wooden armchair, a rectangular-shaped centre table, a yellow chair, a mandala-printed mattress, short cupboards, a crystal chandelier, big wall-painting, a few other wooden pieces and a wall-sized window filling the space with lots of sunlight.

drawing room of sona

drawing room's part

sona's drawing room area

sona's drawing room

Tejal Mathur, who is the brain behind designing her house, mentioned that Sona would have something that is 'eclectic' and 'something that is also rooted to her own part of this country', mainly in her home state, Odisha. Thus, Sona's house consisted of many handicrafts detailing in the house which according to the interior designer, Tejal is bespoke and cosy like a cottage.

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sona's interior designer








Sona's interior designer shared that her house contains a number of artworks, stained windows, and a staircase along a double-heighted wall featuring paint strokes that have worn out over time. Sona also talked about the beautifully designed architecture in her house. Mentioning the staircase, she added that it gives a Sona said that though her house has flaws, she is happy with it. She added:

"I'm happy to fail, and I am happy to have flaws, and have my own sense of what is stylish. It's the light of the place that speaks to you and a staircase."

staircase 1

staircase 2

staircase 3

staircase 4

staircase 5

staircase 6

Sona's house also contains a beautiful space consisting of books, a tanpura and her recorded albums. Next, we also get to see a beautiful bathtub in her washroom and also a separate area for her colourful wardrobe. This portion is filled with a huge number of clothes and jewellery she had collected over the years, and the singer mentioned that she wears everything from there as she is a performing artist. According to Sona, the area is so much separated that even if she gets choked over there, no one would get to know about it. So for this, her friend-cum-designer had made a big window to make her connect with the world inside. Thus the space, though being aloof, can give an attachment to nature.

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bookshelf 2


dressing room

dressing room 2

Sona's house also contains inspiration from the places she had travelled so far in the last years. In the same conversation, she mentioned that her home has a strip of black and white tiles which was inspired by  The Raffles Hotel in Singapore, where she had performed 15 years ago. And her designer had attached those tiles to one part of her bedroom, making a small and balcony kind of area. She explained:

"This house is actually a combination of a lot of memories of her travels, It was my first show abroad as a musician. I was playing in a place called The Raffles Hotel in Singapore and I remember seeing this black and white tilea and finding them...I'm talking about 15 years ago. There is a little strip of this black and white tiles in one section of of my bedroom."

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

bedroom 3

bedroom 4

bedroom 5

In concluding the conversation, Sona mentioned that she is a military kid, and since she had to shift every three-four years, she had never felt settled in one place earlier. However, this house has given her a sense of a home-like feeling, and this is the best compliment she can give to her house. She concluded:

"I'm a fauji kid. We've shifted home every 3-4 years. So I'm almost tuned to not feeling settled or rooted. I just feel i have to move every now and then. This home makes me feel like home."

sona mohapatra


sona sampath

Well, Sona Mohapatra and Ram Sampath's Mumbai house is indeed flawlessly beautiful. What do you think? Let us know.

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