10 Surprisingly Easy And Chic Hairstyles Of Alia Bhatt You Should Definitely Try


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10 Surprisingly Easy And Chic Hairstyles Of Alia Bhatt You Should Definitely Try

Are you sick of making the same hairstyle every day? If yes, then you are at the right place! We have the right solution for you and no, it does not involve a haircut. Here we have different hairstyles of the adorable Alia Bhatt, the Queen of hairstyles. She is one actress who is not scared of trying out anything different and quirky. Some hairstyles of hers are quite easy, while others might require professional help, nonetheless perfect for all occasions, be it work or play. So, without further delay, let us check out some of her best hairstyles, which you can sport on different occasions.

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#1. At work

alia bhatt

When you are busy working, you do not want your hair to come in the way. For such times, a high ponytail always works great and looks glamourous. Alia Bhatt has often sported a high ponytail on various occasions. A high ponytail is the simplest and quickest hairstyle that will not take much of your time in the morning.

#2. Casual outing

alia hairstyle

During one of her promotional outings for Kapoor and Sons, Alia Bhatt came down to the Radio Mirchi office looking ultra-cool in a unique alphabetical hair braid. So, if you are heading out for a brunch, running some errands or just casually meeting with someone, it is a chic hairstyle that you must try. Take a few strands of your hair from the parting, make a braid and pin it in the form of the letters S or O. Alia is visibly fond of braiding her hair, and she makes some of the coolest hairstyles out of simple braids.

#3. Music festival/House party

chull hairstyle

Kar Gayi Chull is one of the most upbeat songs we have heard this year, but what grabbed our attention was Alia Bhatt’s hairstyle in the video; side-braided hair with a pretty head chain. Alia looked very candid and mesmerising in that style. If you are heading out to a house party or a music festival, you must try this hairstyle. Accessorise it with a head chain as this funky trinket is here to stay.

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#4. Catching up with friends

alia bhatt

Image Courtesy: Instagram (@aliaabhatt)

Meeting your friends over a cup of coffee? Try out the half bun/sadhu bun hairstyle; it is quick and trendy. It has been a huge hit ever since Alia stepped out looking like a diva in it. The hairstyle is actually great for any time of the day and any length of hair. All you need to do for this quick hairstyle is to just take the top half of your hair and scrunch it up in a bun leaving the rest lower half of your hair open.

#5. Special occasions

heart braid

Alia Bhatt’s heart braid looks intimidating but actually, it is not! This gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for young girls to up their hair game for special occasions like a graduation party, honeymoon, day wedding or anniversary. Just part your hair in the middle, take a thin section of hair from the crown and begin a French braid in a curved formation. Repeat it on both sides and join the two at the back with an elastic band to form a heart.

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#6. Semi-formal occasions

alia bhatt

Image Courtesy: Instagram (@aliaabhatt)

Alia Bhatt’s one-sided braid is just the right hairstyle to break off a totally androgynous look. This hairstyle is surprisingly easy to replicate and looks great at semi-formal occasions, meeting a familiar client outside office, or interviews. Start with detangling your hair. Then create a side parting in your hair. Take the front section of the hair from your right, braid it and pin it at the back. Leave the rest of the hair open just like Alia or tie it at the back with a hair tie.

#7. Romantic evening

alia bhatt

Image Courtesy: Instagram (@aliaabhatt)

A casual chic braided hairstyle, which looks wonderful for a romantic evening with your special someone! All you need to do is part your hair in the middle or side, whichever way you like, and take the front section of the hair and plait it on one side, until the hair reaches your ear. Repeat the same with the other side. Once you are done, join both the braids in a fishtail braid at the back and secure with an elastic hair tie.

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#8. Nightclub

alia bhatt

Fringes are back in fashion, thanks to Alia Bhatt’s scorching hot photoshoot for Filmfare magazine. Her all-black look is something that you must copy while going to a nightclub. Add a little wave at the end of your hair for a party, or clip your fringes on the side and tie it back in a side ponytail for a more laid-back look.

#9. Desi babe for college

alia hairstyles

Wondering how to style your hair with a simple kurti for college? Alia has the answer. Go for a middle-parted braid to rock the desi chic look. Part your hair in the middle, braid the section nearest to the parting and pin it at the back or join both the braids into one.

#10. Sports events

Image Courtesy: Instagram (@aliaabhatt)

The bubbly actress looked very cute in her schoolgirl, messy braid during one of her promotions for her movie, Kapoor and Sons. This is another hairstyle of hers that we are in love with. It is a perfect hairdo to sport while cheering for your favourite IPL team at the stadium, travelling or enjoying outdoors with your friends. All you have to do is, part your hair in the middle and French-braid both sides of the hair leaving out a big chunk of your hair at the ends. Tie the ends and scrunch up the rest of the hair.

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So, which one of these hairstyles do you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below!