The Fairytale Wedding Video Of Ahaana Deol And Vaibhav Vohra


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The Fairytale Wedding Video Of Ahaana Deol And Vaibhav Vohra

"You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because...
Reality is finally better than your dreams."

That twinkle in the bride’s eyes, and the coy smile playing on the groom's lips reflect the fact that love matures into unmatched contentment when it is bound in the beautiful bond of marriage.

ahana deol wedding video

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Well, if you do not believe us then take a look at some very special and cherished moments from a celebrity wedding that kick-started 2014 with gusto. Ahaana, the younger daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra married Delhi-based businessman, Vaibhav Vohra, in a big fat multicultural wedding that makes you believe that fairytale weddings do happen in the real world too. Here is a brilliantly made video that captures some candid and beautiful moments from this special wedding:

Ahaana and Vaibhav did have a true fairytale wedding on February 2, 2014. From the intimate and fragrant mehendi ceremony, and the star-studded glamorous sangeet to the sacred rituals of the wedding day, and the glittering reception with a host of political and Bollywood dignitaries, the wedding was full of such special moments.

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Magical Wedding Moments!

ahana deol wedding video

Some moments in the video are magical and mesmerising. When you see the wet eyes and silent tears sliding down the cheeks of Hema Malini, Dharmendra and big sister Esha, you cannot help noticing that deep down, beneath the stardom, glamour and glitz, these stars are simple parents whose hearts weep when they give their darling daughter away. Ahaana, looking resplendent in her designer clothes and jewellery, forgets that there are a hundred cameras focused on her, and wipes a tear that threatens to spill out of those beautiful eyes.

A special moment that would make any bride or to-be-bride’s heart melt is the one when actor Dharmendra, with a smile on his lips and tears in his eyes says to his son-in-law, Vaibhav,

Kanyadaan se bada koi dan nahi hota, aur bhagwaan nein iss daan ke badle humme bhaut kuch diya hai."

ahana deol wedding video

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Another beautiful moment is where Bachchan bahu Aishwarya Rai, can be seen touching the feet of the elders at the Mumbai reception. Well, it is certainly good to see a big fat celebrity wedding with some quintessential Indian wedding moments that all of us can relate to! All these moments reflect the deep bond of love and culture that exists in Indian families, be it a celebrity or a common man.

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Apart from the emotions, this wedding had some typical candid moments too. The kiss that dad Dharmendra plants on his daughter’s cheek, the gorgeous Hema Malini, and the couple putting up great dance performances at the sangeet, family and friends grooving to the music, the groom laughing heartily as he enters the wedding venue, sister Esha and brother-in-law Bharat, smiling standing by the side of the lovely couple… the list of the wonderful moments is endless.

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And then, there is sweet innocent romance as the bride and groom steal glances and smile at each other– a moment that makes love well up your heart.

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This is one wedding that reinforces the belief that ‘someone, somewhere is made for you’, and when you find that someone, your life is truly complete. 

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