Absolute Fashion Guide To Help You Pick Out The Perfect Little Black Dress For Your Body Shape


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Absolute Fashion Guide To Help You Pick Out The Perfect Little Black Dress For Your Body Shape

An essential part of most women's wardrobe would be an LBD, the Little Black Dress. It is perfect for almost all the occasions. You can team it up with different accessories and it becomes your safest bet for any kind of event.

Since, we all have different body shapes, same kind of LBD would not necessarily suit you and your friend alike. So, here is a simple guide to pick out that perfect LBD that would suit your body shape.

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#1. Pear Shape

lbd according to body type 1

This is the most common body shape among Indian women. If you have narrower shoulders and wider bottom with a well-defined waistline, then you belong to this desirable clique. As much as these women can easily carry traditional dresses, choosing short dresses is a big problem for them. If you are looking for an LBD, opt for a halter neck or noodle straps as they will accentuate your shoulders and give your body a balanced look. Make sure that the dress fits you well around the waist, but is flared from the waist down to cover up your problem area. And, if you are not comfortable with these bold necklines, then you can cover up your LBD with a net top to look comfortably stylish.

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#2. Apple Shape

lbd according to body type 2

Heavier bust and shoulders with narrow hips and slimmer legs, is how an apple-shaped woman looks like. Your problem area is the upper body, including your abdominal area. So, choose a flowy fabric with a plunging neckline in V or round shape, and you can team it up with a jacket. You can cut the length of the dress according to your desire to flaunt those perfect legs, but try to keep the sleeves for a slimmer effect. A shirred dress can give an illusion of a well-defined waistline.

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#3. Hourglass Shape

lbd according to body type 3

Any designer’s favourite body type is a well-balanced hourglass body. These women have symmetrical upper and lower body with a complimenting waistline. There are no rules for you. You can opt for a well-fitted dress with a side slit to flaunt your envious figure. You can go for wrap dresses as well if you have a few trouble spots. Though, we doubt that!

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#4. Athletic Shape

lbd according to body type 4

An athletic body or straight body shape usually lacks curves. The torso is rectangular so, the waistline is almost invisible. Go for a number that fits well and has a belt to give the illusion of curves. Peplum and ruffles will give you a feminine and curvy look.

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#5. Petite Shape

lbd according to body type 5

With a petite body, one must go with vertical seams to look taller. Absolutely avoid big sleeves as you do not want your dress to absorb you. Try to keep the length short. Sheath dresses and strapless or off-sholder ones are best suited for your body type.

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#6. Curvy shape

If you are on the heavier side, you need not worry. A body-hugging silhouette with a deep or plunging neckline is a great choice for you. You can even opt for a frilled dress to hide your flawed areas. The plus point for you is that black makes everyone looks slim!

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An LBD can become your best friend or your worst nightmare, depending on how you choose it. Keep these points in mind and go out shopping!

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