9 Expert Tips To Successfully Plan Your Wedding In Flat 30 Days


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9 Expert Tips To Successfully Plan Your Wedding In Flat 30 Days

If you are reading this, then we guess you are already on the tiptoe to plan your wedding. Do not lose sleep! Though many wedding vendors will convince you that it takes almost a year to plan your wedding, we are up for the challenge, and will help you cut out all the panic-inducing extras, and instead of spending huge amount of time and money, will help you design your dream wedding.

So, let us focus on these pointers to help you successfully pull your wedding in 30 days.

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#1. Hire a professional wedding planner

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You deserve everything to be perfect on your big day. And despite the time constraint, you want your wedding planning experience to be enjoyable, rather than being stressful. Hiring a wedding planner will save you a lot of time in finding suppliers, and to know who is trustworthy. A wedding planner will help making your vision a reality. Also, there might be a personality conflict between the couple or their families. The wedding planner will ease all the family drama, and even help in prioritising tasks and decisions for you.

#2. Set the budget

easy ways to plan a wedding fast

Be realistic. With so less time in hand, you may not be able to incorporate every detail you have wanted, simply because of its availability. Once the budget is set, you can allot a certain percentage to each of your wedding expense. Also, do not forget to keep room for any contingency.

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#3. Finalise on venue

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Choosing a location is a bigger priority than deciding on your wedding dress. Wedding venues get booked months in advance, so ask your planner to negotiate discounts, or custom package your wedding. And, if you are doing it all by yourself, start making phone calls ASAP!

#4. Shortlist your guests

easy ways to plan a wedding fast

You may not be able to have all of your family or friends to attend the wedding, especially if it is a destination wedding, and you have guests coming from all around the globe. Because you are working within a short time frame and you might not get time to invite everyone, so you can ignore those who are not that close to you.

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#5. Spread the word

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Asking your wedding planner to create a wedding website for you will lessen your work to a fraction. It is the easiest way to convey all wedding details to your guests. And, once you have your website and the venue in place it is time to send invitations. And, it needs to go almost overnight. Let your planner handle the mail work for you. Focus on the next task.

#6. Book your photographer and videographer

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The wedding goes by in a blur, and you will remember it better with a video and the pictures from the day. If your top pick is booked, ask your wedding planner for recommendations and most definitely- reviews. You may be working on a tight deadline, but that does not mean you do not have time for clarifications.

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#7. Negotiations with other vendors

easy ways to plan a wedding fast

This one is for those who are not hiring a wedding planner. You need to book all the other vendors and suppliers like florists, bakers, caterers, and makeup artists. Ask for friends and family to help you around with reviews and options.

#8. Finalise entertainment

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Weddings without entertainment seem a little mind-numbing, and you want your hastily planned wedding to be memorable for your guests. You may request your close friends or family to put up some performances and instead of having a live band, why not opt for a DJ who would make your groove guests till the wee hours. And if you plan to hire an artist, ask your wedding planner for help. They have good contacts that you might want to explore.

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#9. Go shopping

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Finally something you must be really looking forward to! Have your trial runs for the fit, and buy something off the hanger rather than custom tailoring your outfit. You want to try it before and spare yourself the worry of ill-fitting or even worse a delay in delivery. Along with this, also finalise your jewellery and have a trial run with your hair and makeup artist to suit your attire. It will save you the hassle of last minute arguments, or even worse- a disaster.

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Getting married is an exciting time in your life, and planning it should be fun. These steps will help you navigate the important aspects of planning without feeling overwhelmed. So, go ahead and be creative. After all, it is your wedding!

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