9 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Diamond Jewellery


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9 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Diamond Jewellery

Buying diamond jewellery is not as simple as it seems. While people are even resorting to online diamond shopping, it is essential that you know how to get that perfect diamond jewel for your lady-love. That quintessential ring is not just made up of a good design, but of perfect colour, cuts, clarity and purity.

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Here are some tips which will save you from making fatal mistakes:

#1. All diamonds are same, except for their design

Well, this myth is sure to hurt the diamond knowers and lovers. If you are living with the perception that all diamonds are of the same value, which varies just with the diamond size, it is certainly not so! Different diamonds have different cuts, clarity, carat and colour. You will find these diamonds valued differently on the basis of these. So, don’t get misled by lack of information on diamonds. 

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#2. Going by prejudice instead of knowledge

If you are out trying to buy that perfect jewel piece for your lady, we suggest that you find out about her choice and preference before buying anything. Different women have different and specific choices. She might love to have a solitaire ring, or she might be interested in that side stone artistic one or a trendy one. So, do your homework about her preference.  

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#3. Going for an all-in-one jewellery shop

Not just any jewellery shop selling all types of precious metals and stones shall do, you need diamond stores, which deal exclusively in diamond jewellery. In a common jewellery shop, the staff does not usually have good knowledge of the diamonds they are selling. And the quality that you will find there will be low. 

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#4. Not being mindful of the diamond size

With the size of diamond, the value of diamond also fluctuates. Smalls cut out diamonds are of lesser value than the bigger diamonds. Also, you might find two diamonds of same sizes, weighing differently. So, you need to pay attention there. Diamonds can be deceiving!

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#5. Going by the rarity of diamond jewellery 

As a buyer, you need to focus more on the beauty and fire of the piece rather than its rarity. You might end up paying too much on the rarity of the piece, ignoring the beauty of it. So, make sure that you go by the sheer beauty!

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#6. Having an un-insured diamond jewellery

Diamonds are precious. Losing even a single diamond jewellery can cause you a big loss. Avoid falling into the trap of staking your money on diamonds, un-insured. Get insurance for your diamond piece right at the time of purchase. 

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#7. Having no budget in mind

Having no budget in mind can be devastating. It is highly recommended that you move out with a budget in mind, and stick to it. Whether it is an love expression of love, or for investment purpose, stick to the amount you have in your mind, or you are likely to overdo it.

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#8. The sale trap

You will find sale with 40%-45% discount on diamond jewellery. This is a trap, do not fall for it. Diamonds cost the same irrespective of climatic conditions and calamities. Diamonds sold in such sales might not be genuine or low quality. If you do not have an absolute knowledge of diamonds, this can be a disastrous purchase. 

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#9. Rushing through it

Rushing through the diamond jewellery purchase can prove fatal. It is imperative that you do a thorough research, visit different stores with not just cost in consideration but quality of diamond too. Take your time and then finalise the piece you want to purchase. Taking hasty decisions might leave you repenting. 

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So, now that you know all the tips you need to keep in mind while buying these sparkling stones, diamond jewellery shopping should be a cakewalk for you! 

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