8 Simple Ways To Deal With A Bad Haircut


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8 Simple Ways To Deal With A Bad Haircut

A bad haircut can happen to any of us and so, we need an antidote to the coiffure’s dark magic on us! Start from “wipe the eyes clean”, “take a few deep breaths”; stop abusing, move on to accept the fact that you have a bad haircut, and now find ways to fix this menace. You still have a chance to give it a good turn, and look worthy, if not wonderful.

For starters, here are 8 simple tips to pacify those fretted hair: 

#1. Go for another haircut 

Well, if you can only afford that! Try to get another haircut, which can remove all traces of the one that you have. If you have already gone for a very short haircut, this might go out of question, but if there is a scope, put your doubts back in the seat and just go for it! But this time, make sure that you find a hairdresser who really knows what he/she is doing.

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#2. Don’t be scared of a short haircut

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

This might sound scary for the girls who love their long-flowing hair. But this might turn out really beautiful. Try on a short hairstyle which does justice to your face cut and shape. With so many apps helping you visualise a different look, you can actually download one, and find out what suits the best. 

#3. Find alternatives like straightening or curling 

If your hair has turned frizzy, and the charm seems to have ebbed, try hair straightening. And, if your hair looks dull, then go for curls. This will give a bounce to the hair, giving a more wholesome look to your head. 

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#4. Experiment with hairstyles 

If your hair do not look good in a certain way, it might look better in some other hairstyle. Instead of leaving it open, you can try your hands at different hairstyles. Buy some good hairpins, and tie your hair in different ways. You can also tie your hair back in a ponytail.  

#5. Volumise

If nothing works out, buy a few products from the market, which can give a volume and a bounce to your hair. This will make the bad cuts less visible, changing your look altogether. If you want to refrain from chemicals, try a simple blow dry and put life to those flat-as-a-pancake strands of hair. 

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#6. Hair paraphernalia

There are a lot of accessories that you can use as hair paraphernalia. Try hairbands, bandanas, clips, bob pins, hats, etc. This will be a literal covering up, which is not a bad idea in a desperate situation. Just make sure it does not look over the top.

#7. Look for inspiration

You will get inspiration from actors who have suffered from a similar trauma. Just find it out on Google, and see who tried what to cover it up. You will get ideas about how to find a right hairstyle, how to put accessories to right use, or how to manipulate what you have.

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#8. Start working on bringing the old style back

If you want the same look back, and not ready to settle on anything else, start working on bringing those locks back. Massage your head with olive oil, daily. This will bring your long hair back, ready for a better cut this time. Other than this, you can eat a lot of vitamins and gelatin to make your hair grow faster.

Last wise word would be- fix the problem and carry yourself confidently. 

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Don’t let a bad haircut take a toll over your confidence. It is just a matter of few weeks and everything will be okay once again. Till then, let your confidence add beauty to your new look!

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