8 Super-Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories In Just 20 Minutes


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8 Super-Easy Ways To Burn 100 Calories In Just 20 Minutes

Your body is your temple and keeping it fit is the ultimate form of worship. If you think working out in the gym is the only way to lose weight, think again. There are many activities that you can do throughout the day that can instantly help you lose calories. Check out some of the most exciting and best ways to burn 100 calories in just 20 minutes.

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#1. Household work

GIF via Tumblr

GIF via Tumblr

Everyday household chores like mopping the floor, cooking, doing the dishes, cleaning, and dusting can help you lose those stressful calories easily. The best part about this option is that you cannot make any more excuses about having a busy schedule and no time to exercise. Add some of these activities to your everyday routine to burn 100 calories.

  • Mopping- 20 minutes
  • Cooking- 35 minutes
  • Doing dishes- 40 minutes.

#2. Go for bowling

GIF via Tumblr

GIF via Tumblr

Wondering how you and your partner can spend fun time together and lose some calories as well? Well, take your partner out for a fun date to a bowling alley. 20-25 minutes there, and you can say goodbye to 100 calories. Well, you can also go out for a dip in the pool. 15 minutes of swimming will be fun and a good way to burn 100 calories.

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#3. Cycling

You loved it as a kid, so what is keeping you from getting back to it now? Cycling is a great form of exercise and just 20 minutes of casual cycling can help you burn 100 calories. It tones up your leg muscles really well and helps you recover from back pain as well. So, if you like exploring new places, a bike ride every morning or evening can be a great option for you.

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#4. Walk the dog

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

Pets not only make your home and life more loveable, but also help you in remaining fit. Taking your dog out for a walk for just 20 minutes can help you burn 100 calories. So, if you are on a tight schedule, you might as well run with your dog for at least 10 minutes.

#5. Use stairs

About time you stop opting for elevators or lifts, and start using those stairs. Taking stairs is one of the best ways to burn calories. 20 minutes of walking up and down the stairs is enough to burn 100 calories, which makes it one of the easiest available exercising equipment. So, next time while getting into your office building, or walking in or out of the metro stations, use stairs.

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#6. Happy feet

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

If you love dancing, there cannot be a better option than shaking your legs to shed weight. Dance is an exercise for your entire body. 20 minutes of moderate pace dancing is an easy way to burn 100 calories. Add some Zumba to your dancing session to make it more about the workout. 10 minutes of a Zumba session can make you lose 100 calories. So, stay fit as well as flaunt your moves at a party too.

#7. Take out the baby stroller

So, you are busy every day with your kids and do not get time to exercise? Now turn your excuse into a solution. Two nice strolls of 20 minutes each, while pushing your baby’s stroller, is the easiest way to burn 100 calories. If your kids are slightly older, then take them out to the park, where 30 minutes of frisbee tossing will not only be a fun way to bond, but also an easy way to burn calories.

#8. Yoga

Yoga is the ancient practice of improving your flexibility, strength and breathing to boost your physical and mental well-being. It not only helps to burn calories, but also helps in keeping your body in a perfect shape. Yoga can also help you heal many ailments. Approximately 20 minutes of yoga everyday can help you burn 100 calories easily.

These are some fun and easy ways to shed kilos, without sweating it out in the gym. So, get up and get going!

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