7 Things You Must Consider Before Finalising A Wedding Date


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7 Things You Must Consider Before Finalising A Wedding Date

The first step of planning a perfect wedding starts with finalising a date. Especially in the Indian tradition, a wedding date holds a huge significance. There are many aspects that come in play when you are choosing your wedding date. Furthermore, it is not just the wedding date that has to be finalised. You need to set dates for all the other pre- and post-wedding functions as well, from roka and engagement to sagan and mehendi.

Here is a quick wedding planning guide and checklist of what you should know or must consider, so as to set a perfect wedding date.

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#1. Astrological influences

For every Indian wedding, this is the starting point while looking for a perfect date. Getting an expert astrologer is paramount. After all, you would not want an auspicious wedding date, right? But, before you finalise one particular day, ask your astrologer to give you a set of dates that are ideal according to your horoscopes. This gives you a considerable leeway in finalising one day out of a set of ten or so.

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#2. Budget

This is yet another important factor for a lot of couples that drives the decision to pick a date for their wedding. Getting married during the wedding season is always costlier than rest of the year. So, those who do not plan to spend big on their wedding can look for a date during the off-season.

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#3. Courtship time

This is especially for those couples, who have met through an arranged marriage setup. Such couples might prefer to have a long courtship, say six to eight months, to know each other better before tying the knot. Even those who are going for a love marriage might need time, so that their families can get to know each other, and they can adjust themselves according to their would-be’s family.

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#4. Wedding seasons and vendors

Even as you consider the horoscopes and astrology to set the best dates, you might not prefer to have a wedding during the harsh summer or the monsoon season. Also, the venue that you have set your heart on, might have already been booked for that day. You need to see whether you and/or your partner have such things in mind, before the date is set. At times, even things like availability of favourite flowers, favourite photographer, etc., can effect your decision to set a date.

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#5. Destination

If you are planning to have a big fat destination wedding, then you have to be extra-cautious before finalising your wedding date. Once you have a set of possible dates with you, enquire about the climatic conditions of the desired place during that time. Additionally, you also need to check that there is no big event planned in that city on or around the date you wish to get married. A clash with any such event can make it difficult for you to make flight, accommodation, and other arrangements.

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#6. Marking a special occasion

You or your better half might want your wedding to coincide with a date that marks a special occasion for you. For instance, the date you first met each other, the day you proposed, Valentine’s Day, or something else. Some couples want their wedding date to be the same as that of their parents, so this is another thing you too can think over.

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#7. What the bride wants

This is one point that we are completely putting in the favour of all soon-to-be brides. Many a times, brides-to-be want to take their sweet time to plan their wedding, as they want it to be absolutely perfect and memorable. Some of them often take as much as six months to a year to plan the details. So boys, do ask your fiancée if she too has any such plans. Furthermore, brides-to-be might want to look into the dates of their menstrual cycle, before a date is set.

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Once you have finalised your date, send a card, a message or a simple telephone message to your relatives and friends to help them lock in the dates. This will help them request time off from work or make the necessary travel arrangements.

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