7 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Must Have In Her Vanity Kit


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7 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Must Have In Her Vanity Kit

Anyone can get intimidated just by looking at the number of makeup brushes available in the market these days. After researching on which are the brushes that we cannot survive without, here is a list of the 7 must-have makeup brushes that you would need to complete your kit, and do perfect parlour-like makeup at home.

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#1. Flat eye shadow brush

This is the best brush to apply any powder eye shadow. It has a flat surface and stiff bristles. You can very easily pack on a lot of eye shadow on this flat brush and dab off the excess. After that, just pat the flat brush on the eyelids. This flat brush will give your eye shadow a very smooth finish.

#2. Fluffy dome brush

If you are applying eye shadow then you totally need this brush. Once you have applied the eye shadow with the help of a flat eye shadow brush, the line that is formed around your eyelids will have to be softened. All you have to do is use this brush wherever you feel there are uneven lines and move it either in a circular motion or from side-to-side. The eye shadow should look like it is fading out with no prominent lines being visible.

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#3. Pencil brush

You must have a pencil brush in your kit for achieving those hot smoky eyes! Take some eyeliner on the tip of the brush and blend it just below the waterline to create a hazy or smudged kind of effect. The pencil brush can also be used to define the crease line of your eyes.

#4. Blush brush

Who doesn’t like getting compliments on their rosy cheeks? So, if you need to apply blush, you have to make sure that you have a fluffy blush brush in your makeup kit. Smile in the mirror and apply the blush on the apples of the cheek in an upwards movement. You can also use this brush to apply loose powder all over the face after using your liquid foundation.

#5. Flat foundation brush or sponges

Avoid using your hands while applying foundation. For better coverage, you can go for a flat brush. In case you want a very natural, almost invisible kind of an effect, get a stippling brush and work it in circular motions all over the face. But, if using a brush is not your thing then you can use a sponge. Always blend the foundation with the sponge in downward strokes, so that no facial hair stick out while you apply the foundation. Also, always remember to apply some foundation on your neck.

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#6. Lip brush

This is the most underrated makeup brush of all times! Girls generally prefer applying the lipstick directly on to the lips. There is nothing wrong in doing so, it is your product and you can apply it directly if you want. But, if you do not have a sturdy hand, your lipstick can go all over the place. A lip brush gives you a huge amount of precision and you can actually map out the original shape of your lips beautifully. Try it and see the difference!

#7. Angled brush

Not all of us are blessed with thick and well-groomed brows. The best way to fake a thick brow is to pat an angled brush with shadow and gently fill in the gaps of the eye brows with a very light hand.

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So, now that we have given you a detailed account of all the different kinds of makeup brushes you should definitely own, make sure your kit is complete if you want to look like a total diva and achieve the perfect makeup look at home.