Homemade Remedies That Are Effective In Reducing Neck Wrinkles And Layers Of Fat


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Homemade Remedies That Are Effective In Reducing Neck Wrinkles And Layers Of Fat

In the quest to achieve a perfect and radiant skin, we often tend to focus more on our face and less on the neck. Hence, the poor neck suffers. It sags, darkens and sometimes even shows unappealing layers of fat. Usually, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness with age, leading to wrinkles and a sagging neck.

Going under the knife is not always a good option. So, we offer you some home remedies, which not only tighten your facial skin but also take care of the neck.

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#1. Regular Scrubbing

scrubbing the neck

Exfoliate your neck once or twice a week. It removes the dead skin that builds up in the creases of your neck, resulting in wrinkles. The process helps the skin to regenerate new cells at a faster rate and makes it smooth and clear.

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#2. Egg white pack

egg pack for skin

Whip an egg white until foamy. Add a spoon of honey or glycerin into it. Apply this paste on your face and neck region, and leave for 30 minutes. This pack will instantly brighten and tighten your skin.

#3. Oatmeal for oily skin

Oatmeal for skin

Oatmeal and egg white is the best possible combination for skin tightening. Cook a half cup of oatmeal, cool it and mix it with an egg white. Squeeze a lemon into the mixture. Apply for 15 minutes, and rinse it off with tap water. This is an ideal pack for those with oily skin.

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#4. Vitamin E for skin tightening

Vitamin E for skin tightening

Massaging your skin with a cream or oil rich in vitamin E is highly recommended. Vitamin E has natural soothing and moisturising properties, which help in skin tightening. This can reduce deep wrinkles and fine lines on both face and neck. Also, you can use it under the eyes and around the mouth to tighten the sagging skin. Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E. A regular massage of it can tighten your skin, especially around the neck area.

#5. Pack for pigmented skin

treatment for pigmented skin

Crush a peach and extract its juice. Mix yoghurt and honey into this liquid. Apply the mixture and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off once dry. This pack is good for those with pigmented skin. Though, it is advisable to wash off any pack with lukewarm water, splash some cold water on your face after using the lukewarm one. Cold water further tightens the skin.

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#6. Gram flour for skin lightening

Skin lightening naturally

It is an Indian household’s most favourite ingredient for all skin related problems. Mix gram flour with yoghurt or tomato puree or milk cream. Apply this paste regularly on your neck for lightening and brightening of the skin. This can also be used as a complete body pack.

#7. Fruit power

Banana pulp for skin

Fruits also have a lot of beneficial properties for treating skin problems. Applying a mashed banana or papaya pulp, coupled with an egg white is often recommended for tightening of the skin. Try this remedy and make your neck look much younger.

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A wonderful neck makes you look attractive and extremely feminine. The trick is to start treating your neck before the signs of wrinkles appear.