6 Tips For Brides To Buy The Perfect Wedding Footwear


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6 Tips For Brides To Buy The Perfect Wedding Footwear

From deciding the perfect dress to buying the latest jewellery, brides make sure that no stone is left unturned for them to look gorgeous on the most important day of their lives.

But, what most of them forget is to pay attention to one of the most important components of their wedding day look- the bridal footwear. You need to select the right footwear or else you will end up spending the day with sore feet.

So, here are six simple steps that every bride can follow to get the perfect shoes for her wedding day.

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#1. Comfort comes first

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From the time you arrive at the wedding venue, until you finally reach your new home, you and your shoes are going to be inseparable. So, imagine what a fix you might be in if the shoes are not comfortable? You do not want the agony caused by your footwear to show on your face and in all your pictures! So, always choose comfort over everything else.

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#2. Keep the outfit length in mind

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Usually, brides choose their outfits first, and then the footwear. But, a wiser option would be to decide on a few pieces of footwear before your dress. This would be helpful in many ways. Firstly, you can decide the length of your outfit according to the height of your heels, so you do not have a tripping incident at your wedding. Also, if your shoes are already embellished, you can go for lesser work around the bottom of your outfit, so that the embellishments show and not get entangled in your dress.

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#3. Go for themed or statement shoes

Bridal footwear

Making a style statement with shoes, instead of the outfit would be a good idea. Nowadays, themed weddings are in vogue! Matching your footwear according to your wedding theme and its prime colours would divert all eyes to your feet. You can also go for bold colours such as dark red, gold, magenta and blue, depending upon the colours in your wedding outfit.

#4. Keep a spare

Bridal footwear

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Keeping a spare pair of footwear for the wedding day would be a smart move. Buy a similar looking pair of shoes for your wedding outfit that matches the style of the one you have already purchased. If a mishap happens and your shoes break at the last moment, at least you will not be in panic mode. Even your family members will not have to run all over the place to arrange new shoes for you.

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#5. Keep the wedding venue in mind

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If your wedding venue is a farmhouse or somewhere where you will have to walk on bare grass, avoid going in for pencil heels. Heels with a broad base will be more suitable. Likewise, if you are having a beach themed destination wedding, wearing huge bulky heels will make you very uncomfortable on the sand. Flat footwear will be advisable for such locations.

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#6. Wear them beforehand

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One mistake that each bride makes is that they buy the wedding footwear and keep it packed, only to be worn on the wedding day. New shoes can be a little uncomfortable in the beginning and even give you shoe bites. They take a little time to become worn-in, and mould against the shape of your feet. So, start wearing your shoes inside your house for a few hours every day so that you get comfortable in them.

Follow these simple tips and feel like Cinderella on your D-Day!

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