6 Simple Hair Care Tips Every Bride Must Follow Before Hitting The Bed


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6 Simple Hair Care Tips Every Bride Must Follow Before Hitting The Bed

All soon-to-be brides dream of looking perfect from head to toe on their wedding day. For this, they try out various natural as well as cosmetic treatments to get those beautiful and glossy strands. In addition, they avoid exposure to sunlight and pollution, so as to prevent their hair from damage. Well, as a soon-to-be bride, we are sure that even you would be doing all of these things to get perfect hair before your wedding day. But, what if all these things still do not make your hair healthier?

Well, that is probably because you might be missing some of the basic hair care tricks before you go to sleep. Yes, you read it right! So, here are some of the simple yet effective hair care tips that will help you get beautiful and lustrous hair before your wedding:

#1. Make a loose bun or braid

If you sleep with your hair open, then it is time to say goodbye to this habit. Always brush your hair and make a simple bun or braid before you sleep. One of the best options is to make two pigtails. And, make sure that you do not tie your hair too tight as it will again result in breakage. By tying your lovely locks, you will save them from getting entangled during the night.

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#2. Wrap your hair in a soft scarf

In case you do not want to tie your hair, then you can wrap a satin or silk scarf on your head and cover your hair completely. The idea is to reduce the friction between your hair and the surface you sleep on. And, these fabrics being very soft in texture will cause least damage to your hair. This way, you will also prevent hair-damage to a great extent when you will comb them in the morning.

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#3. Never sleep with wet hair

There are two major ill effects of sleeping with wet or damp hair. Firstly, you will make the filling of your pillow wet, which if not dried properly, can cause some or the other kind of infection. Secondly, as your hair will dry up while you would be sleeping, there will be high chances of those lovely locks getting badly entangled and looking very messy.

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#4. Use satin pillowcase

If you want the texture of your hair to improve, then it would be a good idea to invest in a satin pillow case. In comparison to the rough ones, this soft fabric causes lesser friction between your hair strands and the pillow. Hence, it prevents damage caused to the hair due to heat. In addition, make sure you keep changing them on a frequent basis, preferably twice a week.

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#5. Nourish with essential oils

Well, this tip is more relevant for those having dry hair. It is not just your skin that needs to be nourished every night, but your hair and scalp also need this treatment before you go to sleep. Just take a small amount of essential oil of your choice and gently massage your scalp. This will help in increasing the blood circulation and hence, will facilitate hair growth. Furthermore, the nourishing oil will enhance the shine as well texture of each strand.

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#6. Give a dry massage

While the last tip was for the brides with dry hair, here is the one for those having oily hair. Instead of using oil, simply massage your scalp with your fingers to increase the blood circulation and facilitate growth of hair for the entire night. But, make sure you do not to put too much of pressure while doing so as it would result in hair loss.

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Lastly, just like the other parts of your body, a sound sleep is important for your hair as well. It helps you to distress, which eventually helps the growth of hair. So, once you are done with all the above mentioned things, just go to your bed keeping all your worries aside.

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