6 No Heat Hairstyles Which Are Super-Easy To Make


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6 No Heat Hairstyles Which Are Super-Easy To Make

They say that a woman’s crown is her hair. Well, it’s true, isn’t it? Long or short, wavy or straight, it is a good hair day that often makes us feel confident and proud about ourselves, apart from several other reasons.

It is sheer fun to play around with our hair each day. How do you want to wear it to work? In a casual bun or in a half pony-tail? How do you want to dress it up for a party? Loose curls or a beautiful waterfall braid? The options are plenty! That’s one of the best parts about being a girl. We never really run out of things to do!

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But it is also true that our hair is often the reason why we run late for work or for that get-together between friends. We spend so much time deciding how we want to wear our hair, that we lose track of time. And more often than not, we end up resorting to heating tools such as straighteners, curlers and blow-driers, when we’re really hard pressed for time. But I’m sure we all know about the damage such heat can cause to our lovely tresses.

So, to avoid all that damage and to have hair that is both beautiful and healthy, we have curated some quick and easy-to-make hairstyles that require NO heat whatsoever! Ready to discover what they are? Keep scrolling!

#1. Natural beach waves

Aiming for those sultry beach waves that’ll make you look like a diva? Well, guess what? You can get the look without using any of your heat tools! How? Well, after a shower, let your hair air-dry until it is semi-damp. Then, divide your hair into two sections from the center and tie it up into a tight bun. Let this stay for about 45 minutes. When you untie your hair, you will have instant natural looking beach waves!

#2. Braids

The easiest hairstyle that’ll save you a lot of time and even last nearly throughout the day, is a braid. You don’t need straighteners or curlers for it. What’s more, there are so many different types of braids out there, that you will be spoilt for choice. For a day at the office, opt for a casual side braid or a fishtail. If you’re going out for brunch with the girls, go for a waterfall braid and let the other half of your hair down loose, brushing it down your back for a look that can slay. You can even turn your braid into a headband and pin it up neatly for an adorable look.

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#3. Chic pony tails

Never underestimate the power of a ponytail. We’re not talking about the basic ones where you just pull your hair through a scrunchie. We’re talking about the stylish ones. From a low, loose tail to a high pony with a different partition, there’s lots you can do with this hairstyle. Try out a central partition or a bouffant ponytail that you can do using a simple hairspray. If you’re going for a low, loose pony tail, leave out some tendrils of hair and curl them around your fingers, for a dreamy, fairy inspired look. Instead of your usual hair ties, accessorise with pretty bows to truly enhance your feminine side.

#4. Buns

Want to keep your hair out of the way without compromising on style? We have just the thing – buns! If you think that buns are for when you return home after a tiring day, think again. This hairstyle has oodles of potential and lots of different varieties. You can go for a basic top-knot if you don’t want anything too fancy. Alternately, you can take a section of your hair and braid it around your bun, for a pretty look. If you have bangs or a side fringe, leave it out after you tie up your bun. It’ll look super flattering, to say the least.

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#5. Pinned back

If you have shorter hair, this look will work wonders. Just keep a box of hair pins handy and get started! All you have to do is start off with taking the front section of your hair and pinning it back the way you would do with a puff. Then, go ahead and take the sections of hair around it, pinning them up as you go. End result? A neat, carefree and edgy look that’s definitely going to make heads turn! 

#6. Natural curls

Dying for those luscious curls, but don’t want to use the curling iron? Don’t fret. You can get the curls of your dreams with this one technique. All you have to do is spiralise or hand-twirl bits of your hair, and pin it up as tight as possible. For loose curls, pin up the bits looser. It’s preferable to start off once your hair is wet. After you’ve pinned up all the strands, wrap a dry towel or a scarf around your head. Let this be for a couple of hours. When you take off the scarf and unpin your hair, you will have those beautiful, bouncy, no-heat curls that you have always dreamed of!

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We bet that was enough style inspiration to last you through the week. Easy, no mess and no fuss hairstyles. Let’s not forget – no heat! So, say goodbye to your straighteners and your blow-driers and go natural this 2017.

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