5 Rising Trends In Indian Weddings Every Soon-To-Be-Married Should Know


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5 Rising Trends In Indian Weddings Every Soon-To-Be-Married Should Know

Nothing can be as exciting as weddings in India. Especially with the country being a melting pot of cultures and traditions, the vibrancy in the beautiful diversity is heart-warming. Shooting for weddings gives us an opportunity to interact with and appreciate various cultures and people in the country.

Over the years, we have observed that with social media and rising number of globetrotters, orthodox traditions are slowly evolving, if not necessarily changing. These changes can be sensed throughout a wedding, whether it is the attire or the venue décor. Here is how we see this beautiful evolution.

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#1 Rituals and traditions

Wedding rituals are now evolving to better suit the spiritual and personal beliefs of couples. Rather than blindly adapting to rituals that were once considered obligatory, we can now see couples taking the time to understand these traditions. They even pick and choose to tailor-make their own ceremonies. This could range anywhere from very traditional for the old school believers, and a mix and match for inter-caste marriages, to a completely spiritual ceremony for some new age couples. It is great to see couples taking this step away from the expected, and doing what feels right, for themselves.

#2 Outfits and styles

When it comes to dressing up, we see our brides really up the ante! Instead of being traditionally clad, brides now seek out fashion stylists and celebrity designers to help them achieve runway-ready perfection.

One definite change that we have seen is that red is no longer the dominant flavour of the season. Brides are getting more experimental with colours and textures to match their themes, or even their moods! While we have seen brides opt for a completely white ensemble with a pop of red in the dupatta; there are some who prefer going technicolour with every shade of neon! We really enjoy this individuality that is now evident in every step of wedding dressing, down to the last bindi.

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#3 Venues and the ambience

People have started experimenting with every aspect of wedding planning, so why should venues be left behind? Rather than opting for traditional venues like clubs and party halls, people are thinking out of the box. We have personally shot weddings at a national park, a beach and even a night club! We cannot wait to see where we will be shooting next!

As weddings have evolved, the ambience has organically changed to match the mood of the venue - often more relaxed and fun than your usual conservative wedding setup. This in turn makes for a happier bride and groom.

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#4 Wedding budgets

Instead of budgets being exhausted on things they "had" to spend on, couples have now started investing in things they really "want". They might be spending the same amount of money, but there is a drastic change in this too. Instead of being a large and impersonal affair, weddings have now become more exclusive and intimate, which in our opinion are much more enjoyable. We have even seen brides cancel an extra wedding function to put the funds towards having us shoot for them!

#5 Destination weddings

Destination weddings continue to remain popular. They have not taken away from traditions but have certainly helped couples realise that there is nothing wrong with enjoying in their own wedding. It is only in such an environment that you truly get to know the family and the couple; otherwise the wedding just goes by in a blur of responsibilities that everyone is trying to take care of.

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But then no matter how much the trends change, in the end it is all about celebrating love and the only way it can be done is with a lot of laughter and happiness.

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