5 Reasons Why An Indian Bride Should Never Hire Just Any Makeup Artist For Her Wedding


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5 Reasons Why An Indian Bride Should Never Hire Just Any Makeup Artist For Her Wedding

Every girl dreams of looking like a beautiful princess on her wedding day. Be it her outfit, jewellery, or anything else, no bride wishes to settle for anything less than perfect for her wedding day. And, needless to say, even makeup is no exception. After all, it is her big day and all the eyes are going to be on her. And, which bride would not want to look simply stunning in her wedding photographs? But despite this, a lot of brides often ignore the importance of doing their homework before hiring a makeup artist, and end up regretting later.

Well, if you too are going to tie the knot soon and are simply relying on the makeup artist that someone suggested you, then wait before you book them. Simply take a look at these reasons and you would know why you should not hire just any makeup artist for your wedding.

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#1. Big day ahead and you need to be stress-free

There will be a lot more things that will stress you out on your wedding day, and they may even take your energy away. But, you definitely would not want the effects of stress to be seen on your face; which is why, it is important to get a bridal makeup trial done at least a month before. And, that too by two to three experts so that you know who would actually make you look your best. Everything in a bridal makeup needs to be done with a lot of care. One makeup stroke gone wrong can completely mess your look. And, when you have a well-trained and experienced professional bridal makeup artist, you do not have to worry about the same.

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#2. Choosing the right colours

Matching the shade of your bridal outfit, only an expert would rightly know which colours to select for your makeup. Right from the colour of the eyelids to the lips, choosing the right foundation, and a lot more, an expert makeup artist would use his/her unique style and make you look like a diva. Remember, your wedding pictures would last a lifetime, and even a small mistake by your makeup artist, in terms of picking up the wrong colour, would spoil them all.

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#3. Using the high quality products

While a lot of makeup artists do not pay attention to the quality of products they use, the good and reputed ones always use the high-quality cosmetics. They understand how important it is to use hypoallergenic products for any skin type. Hence, hiring a makeup artist after proper research will ensure that no compromises would be done to your skin.

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#4. Proper application

Your besties may be quite too good at applying the eyeliner and shadow, but chances are that the professional touch to make you look like a diva would still be missing. With state of the art application techniques and high-end products, professionals know how to tone, contour, and apply just the way it is done to the celebs. A professional touch would make sure you look flawlessly beautiful on your wedding day!

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#5. Enhances your facial features

Learned through experience, the professional bridal makeup artists leave nothing to chance to make you look flawless and chic. They stress on your eyes, use latest techniques to apply the best makeup without making your face look cakey, tone your face to make your jawline look well-defined, enhance the arch of the brow, define those lips, and a lot more to make you look perfect! But remember; only a good and experienced makeup artist would know how to do this for you.

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So ladies, now that you know the importance of doing proper research before hiring your bridal makeup artist, make sure you do your homework right. And then, just get ready to look your best on the most special day of your life!