5 Really Cool Wedding Gift Ideas That Newlywed Couples Would Never Forget


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5 Really Cool Wedding Gift Ideas That Newlywed Couples Would Never Forget

All of us just love to be a part of our loved ones’ weddings. While all the days of celebrations are very hectic for the couple as well as their families, it is not exactly the same for the guests. As a guest of any wedding, all you have to do is to dress up well and reach the venue with a gift. Simple, isn't it? But wait! Are you sure the gift that you have brought for the lovely newlyweds is something they would love or would even remember? Well, if it is just another home appliance, bed sheet, dinner set or anything that almost everyone around you is thinking of, then you should forget the “memorable” bit, we suggest!

We spoke to some newlyweds to find out what are the ideal gifts for today’s couples. So read here as some of our readers tell us about that one gift that they believed was not just exciting, but also thoughtful (and, definitely stood out from the lot). Read and get inspired!

#1. Photographic Memory

As the time is changing, people love to receive the gifts that are personalised or show that the person giving gift has put some thought into it. A gift that has a thought behind it is always loved and valued forever. And, the best way to do so is to gift the couple something that they would not only cherish themselves, but would also love to show-off; like gifts personalised with their photographs.

Personalised gifts with photographs. Images Courtesy: keychain (Photojaanic.com); clock (wishpicker.com); lampshade in center (bixti.com); lampshade in right (fnp.com)

Madhu Verma, who got married to Shashank Verma six months ago, says, “I love the lamp given by one of my friend. It is not at all like the other ordinary lamps. This lamp has an engraved photo of my husband and me. It looks beautiful and bit romantic at night.”

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#2. Moments To Relax

A wedding in India is like a long festival, which lasts for almost a week. Various activities related to the wedding preparations tires up the couple, and it remains for a long time even after the wedding is over. So, here is an indulgence that any newlywed couple would like to enjoy, a spa voucher.

Purva Bhatia who recently got married, says, “Marriage was great fun, but tiredness was the side effect of this great celebration. So, vouchers for spa at a hotel or a premium spa could be a great wedding gift for me.” It is actually a good gift to combat tiredness, stress and leave the couple fresh, rejuvenated and ready to start a new life with full vigour.

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#3. Let Them Escape Together!

Every newlywed wants to spend as much alone time together as possible. But once the honeymoon is over, this might not be a regular affair for everyone due to the budget constraint. So, why not gift the couple a complete holiday package itself? Shailesh, who got married six months ago, just returned from a holiday along with his wife. This holiday was a wedding gift from his friends. He was quite happy as the destination was as per his choice. And, from what he says, we can make out that it was indeed one of the best gifts he got during his wedding.

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You can browse through various trip planning websites before buying a holiday voucher for the couple. And then, you can decide what to choose as per your budget. It can be a complete weekend getaway to an exotic location, a voucher of certain value that couple can redeem as per their preference, and many more.

Word of caution: Always provide holiday vouchers of those places that the couple would like. Also make sure that they are valid for longer period of time, so that the couple can redeem it as per their convenience.

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#4. Multiple Times In Style

Presentation in today’s world matters the most. Not everyone can think and give a unique gift. But, ordinary gifts can be packed and presented in a beautiful manner that is treasured forever. The idea here is, to pack an assortment of things like bed sheets, perfume, magazine holder, carpets, etc., in an extremely beautiful package.

“My cousin sister gifted me a bucket of artificial flowers. When I received it at the wedding, I thought it is just an decorative piece. But, later when I removed the flowers, I found that it contained bath robes, bed sheet, and a set of wine glasses,” says Archana Verma, who got married just a month ago. This is a good way to delight the newlywed couple by surprising them.

What's more? You can even get these simple, small gifts customised with the couple's initials, names, wedding date or a quirky message.

Images Courtesy: Customised wine glass (Wishpicker.com); customised pillow cases (etsy.com); and customised bathrobes (hunnybunny.in)

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#5. Anything You Want!

Giving cash is a traditional gift in Indian weddings. Modern way is to present gift cards by banks that can be used like debit cards, or gift cards of brands. This can be really ideal since couple can use it according to their needs.

Even though the couple might have shopped for everything that they would require after wedding, they still might miss something. In such situation, they can make best use of the gift card.

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So, why do you want to settle with just another usual dinner set in the same old boxed packing, when you have so many exciting options to think about? Just steal any of the ideas given above, and add to the couple’s happiness on the happiest day of their lives. 

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