5 Fabulous Jewellery Gift Ideas That Every Indian Groom Would Love


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5 Fabulous Jewellery Gift Ideas That Every Indian Groom Would Love

Wearing beautiful jewellery on a regular basis is more common among women than men. That is why, when it comes to selecting a gift for a soon-to-bride, jewellery is something that surely comes to your mind as an option. However, not all of you might consider the same to be gifted to a groom. But, why not? There are a lot of trendy jewellery items that a groom can adorn either on any of his wedding functions or on any other special occasion.  

So, if you are having a tough time finding a perfect gift for a soon-to-be groom, then here are some practical yet stylish jewellery gifts you can give to him.

#1. Chain

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As most men prefer to keep their look minimal in terms of jewellery, a sleek chain is perfect choice as a gift for the Indian grooms. And, one of the hot trends in men’s fashion is the silver chains. While a gold chain remains an evergreen choice, silver chain would reflect a different choice. In fact, if you are low on budget, then it will aptly suit your pocket as well. And, if money is not a constraint, then you can go for the one with a variety of embellishments, like diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, amethyst, and a lot more. You can even go for the one with a small pendant in it.

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#2. Ring

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While most men prefer wearing only their wedding rings, some like to wear a rather simple one on the other hand along with that. Manuj Sharma, who recently got married, says, “I like the silver ring with a single diamond on it, gifted by my sister-in-law. I love to wear it when I am going on some special outing.” So, even you can look for the ones with uncomplicated designs to gift one to the groom. Be it platinum or silver, a simple band or a combination of gold and a stone, you have a lot of options to choose from.

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#3. Bracelet

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Undoubtedly, the basic rule of ‘less is more’ applies to men when it comes to wearing jewellery. And, a subtle designer bracelet can do this job pretty well. However, make sure you choose a bracelet thicker than the women’s bracelet, and the one that matches virility with class. The hot picks in terms of the metals include gold, titanium, and silver. You can also gift a personalised bracelet by getting the name of the couple engraved on it.

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#4. Cufflinks

The simple and subtle cufflinks are an absolutely classy choice of gift for men. These subtle pieces of jewellery simply add the mark of excellence in a man’s outfit. These can be worn for important business meetings, weddings, and other special occasions. And, a lot of men prefer wearing them to showcase their elegant taste. So, gifting cufflinks to a groom would be quite a safe bet.

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#5. Watch

A watch is certainly one accessory, which is loved by almost all men. So, why not gift a special one to a groom? Now, the watches are with more than displaying just the time. They have features for date, directions, to know milliseconds, and what not! And, there are ample options offered by various brands from the least inexpensive to the most expensive ones. You can even go for something from a limited edition collection, which a groom will cherish forever.

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We know it gets quite difficult, when it comes to choosing a perfect gift for grooms. But, with these practical yet stylish jewellery gift options, you can easily bring a big smile on the face of a soon-to-be groom.

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