5 Magical Techniques That Help To De-Stress Your Mind In Less Than 5 Minutes


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5 Magical Techniques That Help To De-Stress Your Mind In Less Than 5 Minutes

Your plan for the day is falling apart, your inbox is screaming for your attention, your body is almost numb, and you don’t remember the last time when you slept like a log. Well, all of us have our share of stress that can hit us anytime. But the bottom-line is, we need to stand up to it and find a solution because life is never easy.

So, if you are still figuring out ways, no need to. Here is a list of simple de-stressing techniques which will help you to come out of that worked-up state of mind in just 5 minutes. So, begin the countdown!

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#1. Call a friend

talking wit friends

Most of us are so caught up with our busy lives that we prefer WhatsApp over calling. But, when you are stressed, it is always a good idea to pick up the phone and call up your best friend. Just vent out whatever is floating in your mind and heart. Or even better, meet them directly. Believe us; this will make you feel so much lighter and better.

So, the next time you find yourself stressed out, leave your workstation, call your best buddy and take that weight off your chest. That's what best friends do right, make you feel better?

#2. Stretch your limbs

Stretching your body

If you sit for long, you tend to feel a tension brewing around your neck and lower back. Physical tension is a major reason for stress. One of the easiest and quickest remedies is stretching. Try stretching your limbs and you will realise how relaxing it can be. So, next time you feel the pressure of the work getting to you, simply get up, stretch your arms and legs, move your neck around a few times and close your eyes for two minutes. This will release tension from your mind and body.

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#3. Visualise a happy place in your head

Deepika Padukone

Most of the times, our mind tricks us into creating a web of stress inducing situations. So, it is a good idea to deceive your mind to believe that the there is no panic or stress. Sit down, maybe at a secluded spot and imagine yourself to be in a place of your choice. Find your happy place- it could be mountains, parks, beaches or a place familiar to you. Try to acknowledge the beauty around you and release all your worries. This will get you going with the rest of the day!

#4. Play music on loop

Siddharth Malhotra

If you love music then you ought to have faith in its healing powers as well. Whenever you want to iron out those creases from your forehead, listen to the genre of music you love the most. It can be classical, jazz, instrumental, RnB or psychedelic. Music will put your mind at peace. It will also allow you to think more clearly. Try to keep your music library updated and carry your mp3 player with you. So, do we hear you play your favourite songs, already?

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#5. Go out for a walk


A 5-minute walk can work wonderfully on your stress. When you feel overwhelmed by the situation, just take a quick walk around. As you take the walk, don’t leave your mind in an auto-pilot mode, instead learn to exercise control over it. A walk will not only help in stress management, but also boost the happy hormones– endorphins. That will make you feel good for the rest of the day!

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These tricks really improve your mood and release all your tension in minutes. We hope these tips help you in de-stressing quickly and living life to the fullest! 

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