4 Tips For Perfect Online Dating For Men

4 Tips For Perfect Online Dating For Men

Just because you’re good-looking, have a great job, doesn’t mean that your online dating profile is going to be bookmarked by thousands of women. There are a number of men who still can’t get a hang of the online dating game, and that’s why you need a few tips to get you on the right track.

If you want to earn extra points with women online, then you need to know how to go about it in the right manner. You need to realize on the virtual world people think a little differently and you have to cater to what a women needs.

Your photos: 
When it comes to tips on dating for men, an important one is to upload the right pictures. Your dating profile is completely different from your Facebook account and the silliest mistake you could make is putting up photos that say nothing about the person you are.

Your profile picture should be your best shot and that means you should be in the frame. Putting up a picture of your dog or your favorite scenery will see you sitting home every weekend, for months. Online dating websites allow you to post a number of images but that doesn’t mean you fill up your profile. Stick to a couple of amazing shots and that will be a better option that ten average ones.

Describing yourself:
This is equally important as your pictures. “I love to talk, crack jokes, and just have fun” isn’t an interesting description. You just described yourself in the same manner as thousands of other male profiles out there. The ‘About’ section is crucial as women browse through it to find out a little about you. Speak about your recent vacation, something that makes you unique as compared to other men on the dating scene. Be yourself!

Keep it real:
There is no bigger turn-off than a man who is fake and keeps talking about himself. If you’ve finally made a little headway with a lady, don’t mess it up by telling her how you’re the best thing that could happen to her. Be realistic and mix up the conversation.

If you’ve been serious for a while during the online chat, throw in a funny one-liner to ease up the situation and make her feel comfortable. Dating and men don’t usually go together because most men try to be a superhero. Well, you’re not. Drop the guard and stay real.

The perfect e-mail:
So you’ve started exchanging mails with this really cute woman, and you don’t want to mess things up. While sending her an e-mail make sure you don’t make it sound like a cover letter. Stay informal and always end the note with a question. This way the ball’s in her court and you can expect a reply, sooner or later.

When it comes to dating men tips are easy enough to come across. Most women know how to react when they want to talk to a particular man they’re interested in. However, men usually make a royal mess of it. Make sure you don’t fall into that category.

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