4 Things To Know About Gemstones And Their Role In The Game Of Destiny


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4 Things To Know About Gemstones And Their Role In The Game Of Destiny

Cosmic forces originating from the movement of transitory planets affect each individual. Even if two people are born on the same day, fine planetary changes in their natal charts will lead those two individuals down very different paths in life. Based on planetary positions, different gemstones can affect different spheres of your life like prestige, health, happiness, position, financial gains, business, marital bliss, human relations and your social life. Gemstones can help improve various aspects of your life, but they can also have adverse effects if you do not wear the right stones.

Here we list a few things you should know about gemstones and how they can affect your life.

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#1. Types of gemstones

Gemstones are classified into different species, groups and varieties. For example, Ruby is the red version of the species corundum, while all other colours of corundum are considered sapphire. Aquamarine (blue), emerald (green), (red emerald) red beryl (red), heliodor (yellow), goshenite (colourless) and morganite (pink) are all varieties of the mineral species beryl. Even though there are several gemstones present in nature, only a handful actually benefit human beings in the game of destiny.

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#2. The effect gemstones have on you

Ruby can enhance the status of a person, pearl negates the ill-effects of Moon, coral is for courage, emerald for intelligence, diamond for a luxurious life, and so on. Blue sapphire can remove the evil effects of Saturn and elevate ones status, but one should wear it with caution. It can often cause adverse effects if it does not suit the individual.

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#3. They bring good luck

If you want that extra bit of personalised good luck to help you wade through crisis, astrologers suggest you can fall back on gemstones to get you through. Gemstone analysts and the astrologers recommend the use of gemstones to counter the various adverse effects of planetary vibrations on individuals. With the ever-increasing daily challenges faced by many, the importance and acceptance of wearing gemstones has increased over the years. By wearing the right gemstones matched to your ruling planets, evil planetary influences can be countered and the benefits of cosmic vibrations can be enhanced.

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#4. How they work

Colour is nothing but wavelength, and wavelength is nothing but energy. Gemstones have strong energies of their own depending on their colour and composition. So, the energies emanating from a gemstone can counter the negative ones pressing upon you and enhance the positive energies. The stones work as a lens or prism to receive or reflect planetary rays to an optimum level on the individual wearing it. Additionally, the gems have the ability to absorb positive influences from the universe and the Sun.

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The cosmic forces focus directly on bringing good luck to the individual wearing the right gemstones. If you wear the right stones according to your birth chart, it will add emotional equilibrium, add stability to your life and guard you from evil. Gemstones can actually heal you and change your luck. So, wear them wisely to bring forth a happy synergy in your life.

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