15 Unique Styles How The Sarees Are Draped In Different Indian States


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15 Unique Styles How The Sarees Are Draped In Different Indian States

India is a diverse land with so many beautiful people and cultures. Though we are united, our lifestyles slightly differ from one another. Saree is a traditional Indian wear and is worn throughout the country.

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However, different women wear sarees in a different way and every style is just as beautiful and unique. Here are the different styles how the sarees are draped in Indian states.

#1. Athpourey - Bengal

Bengali Saree Drape Style

Bengali style is a very traditional way of wearing a saree. It has broad box pleats in front which look royal and ethereal. Though it is not easy to wear, it looks amazing when done right.

#2. Kapullu - Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Saree Drape Style

Unlike the conventional wear, the women of the Kapullu community of Andhra Pradesh wear saree from left to right. It is a very simple drape to master and looks elegant.

#3. Nauvari - Maharashtra

Maharashtra Saree Drape Style

Maharashtrian style of wearing a saree is a rather fun way. Though it is a little tricky to drape, it is very easy to handle. You will find many Maharashtrian women wearing their saree in this style on special occasions and festivals.

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#4. Seedha Pallu - Gujarat

Gujarat Saree Drape Style

Gujaratis love to dress up in sarees. These women wear their saree with a seedha pallu which comes from back to front. It makes the saree to look like a lehenga.

#5. Coorg - Karnataka

Karnataka Saree Drape Style

Since women in Karnataka live a very active life like climbing up and down the mountain, they wear their saree in such a way that it doesn't come in their way of performing the activities. Coorgi style of draping a saree is very liberal.

#6. Dhangad - Goa

Goa Saree Drape Style

Goa is famous for its beaches, nightlife and open-minded people. Since women here have to stay in the water for fishing and other activities, the way they wear their saree protects their clothes from getting wet. It is knee-high and very stylish.

#7. Gol saree - Parsi

Parsi Saree Drape Style

Gol saree is a Parsi drape. It is very conservative but a brilliant choice if you want to display the work on your saree. It is elegant and worn by many female politicians as well.

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#8. Saanthal - Jharkhand

Jharkhand Saree Drape Style

It is a very simple drape which is similar to the Bengali style. With box pleats, this drape is easy to handle. The pallu is pulled in the front in a triangular shape and then wrapped around the waist.

#9. Madisaru - Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Saree Drape Style

Madisaru is a traditional drape which was earlier worn by married women of the Iyer community. It has ardhanareeshwara style of draping. It means that the lower half is draped like a dhoti while the upper half looks like a saree.

#10. Surguja - Chattisgarh

Chattisgarh Saree Drape Style

Surguja drape was traditionally worn by the dance community of Chhattisgarh. The saree creates a whirling affect and doesn't have pleats. It gives women all the freedom to dance their heart out.

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#11. Mohiniattam - Andhra Pradesh

Mohiniattam - Andhra Pradesh

Mohiniattam drape is one of the prettiest and complicated styles of wearing a saree. While the basic Mohiniattam drape is not that difficult to master, some women prefer to wear it with lots pleats, twists and turns that one needs years to master it. Only silk sarees can hold this drape in place for long hours.

#12. Makhela Chador - Assam

Assam Saree Drape Style

If you are fortunate enough to have an Assamese heirloom saree, you must try this drape for sure. This drape has pleats in the lower half which is then given a definition by a triangular twist around the waist. It looks amazing on petite women.

#13. Nivi drape - Andhra Pradesh

Nivi Andhra Pradesh Saree Drape Style

Most of the modern styles of draping a saree are derived from this one. This style is not very work friendly which is why it was favoured by the aristocracy in the old days. It accentuates a woman's curves in the best possible way.

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#14. Purnia - Bihar

Bihar Saree Drape Style

Women in the rural area of Bihar prefer to drape their saree in purnia style. It is a conservative way of wearing a saree which allows them to cover their heads as well.

#15. Rajasthani style

Rajasthani Saree Drape Style

The Rajasthani style of draping a saree is very similar to that of the Gujarati way. However, there is one adjustment which makes all the difference. The end of the pallu, which is left free in the Gujarati style, is pinned to the back of the blouse by the Rajasthani women. It makes the whole look sharper.

It doesn't matter in which direction you are travelling or from which state you hail, you are bound to be awestruck by the way Indian women drape their traditional wear, saree. A saree looks regal when it is draped right. So, girls, go ahead and try your hand at it.

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